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Week 46

September 25th, 2017
The Floodgates of Heaven
2 Kings 7:12-20
The king got out of bed in the middle of the night and told his officers, “I know what has happened. The Arameans know we are starving, so they have left their camp and have hidden in the fields. They are expecting us to leave the city, and then they will take us alive and capture the city.”

One of his officers replied, “We had better send out scouts to check into this. Let them take five of the remaining horses. If something happens to them, it will be no worse than if they stay here and die with the rest of us.”

So two chariots with horses were prepared, and the king sent scouts to see what had happened to the Aramean army. They went all the way to the Jordan River, following a trail of clothing and equipment that the Arameans had thrown away in their mad rush to escape. The scouts returned and told the king about it. Then the people of Samaria rushed out and plundered the Aramean camp. So it was true that six quarts of choice flour were sold that day for one piece of silver, and twelve quarts of barley grain were sold for one piece of silver, just as the LORD had promised. The king appointed his officer to control the traffic at the gate, but he was knocked down and trampled to death as the people rushed out.

So everything happened exactly as the man of God had predicted when the king came to his house. The man of God had said to the king, “By this time tomorrow in the markets of Samaria, six quarts of choice flour will cost one piece of silver, and twelve quarts of barley grain will cost one piece of silver.”

The king’s officer had replied, “That couldn’t happen even if the LORD opened the windows of heaven!” And the man of God had said, “You will see it happen with your own eyes, but you won’t be able to eat any of it!” And so it was, for the people trampled him to death at the gate! (2 Kings 7:12-20)
When Elisha prophesied God’s deliverance, the king’s officer said it couldn’t happen. The officer’s faith and hope were gone, but God’s words came true anyway! The officer missed out on God’s blessings because he lacked trust in God’s power.

Sometimes we become so problem-focused that we have a hard time listening when someone holds out hope or tells us about God’s promises. Instead of focusing on the negatives, we should cultivate an attitude of expectancy. When our resources are low and our doubts are the strongest, God can open the floodgates of heaven. Our faith may be weak or very small, but we must avoid becoming skeptical of God’s provision.
If you are doubting God’s power or goodness, ask him to encourage your faith and strengthen your hope. Surrender your fears and release control of your situation to God.
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