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Week 33

September 17th, 2017
Wrong Move
1 Samuel 28:1-25
When Saul saw the vast Philistine army, he became frantic with fear. He asked the LORD what he should do, but the LORD refused to answer him, either by dreams or by sacred lots or by the prophets. Saul then said to his advisers, “Find a woman who is a medium, so I can go and ask her what to do.” His advisers replied, “There is a medium at Endor.”

So Saul disguised himself by wearing ordinary clothing instead of his royal robes. Then he went to the woman’s home at night, accompanied by two of his men. “I have to talk to a man who has died,” he said. “Will you call up his spirit for me?” (1 Samuel 28:5-8)
God had strictly forbidden the Israelites to have anything to do with divination, sorcery, witchcraft, mediums, or anyone who consults the dead (Deuteronomy 18:9-14). In fact, sorcerers were to be put to death (Exodus 22:18). Occult practices were carried on in the name of pagan gods, and people turned to the occult for answers that God would not give.

In obedience to the law, Saul had banned all mediums and spiritists (those who consult with the dead) from Israel. But overwhelmed at the sight of the Philistine army gathered against Israel, he desperately turned to a medium for counsel. Although he had removed the sin of witchcraft from the land, he did not remove it from his heart.

Practitioners of the occult have Satan and demons as the source of their information; God does not reveal his will to them. Instead, he speaks through his own channels: the Bible, his Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t make a move without consulting my horoscope” or some other means for gaining answers to life’s problems? As we see from Saul’s story, turning to anything or anyone else besides God leads only to disaster. Let life’s difficulties and fears push you in God’s direction. God can provide the answers you need.
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