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Week 21

September 21st, 2017
So Close, Yet So Far
Deuteronomy 3:21-29
“At that time I gave Joshua this charge: ‘You have seen for yourself everything the LORD your God has done to these two kings. He will do the same to all the kingdoms on the west side of the Jordan. Do not be afraid of the nations there, for the LORD your God will fight for you.’

“At that time I pleaded with the LORD and said, ‘O Sovereign LORD, you have only begun to show your greatness and the strength of your hand to me, your servant. Is there any god in heaven or on earth who can perform such great and mighty deeds as you do? Please let me cross the Jordan to see the wonderful land on the other side, the beautiful hill country and the Lebanon mountains.’

“But the LORD was angry with me because of you, and he would not listen to me. ‘That’s enough!’ he declared. ‘Speak of it no more. But go up to Pisgah Peak, and look over the land in every direction. Take a good look, but you may not cross the Jordan River. Instead, commission Joshua and encourage and strengthen him, for he will lead the people across the Jordan. He will give them all the land you now see before you as their possession.’ So we stayed in the valley near Beth-peor.” (Deuteronomy 3:21-29)
God had made it clear that Moses would not enter the Promised Land (Numbers 20:12). So God told Moses to commission Joshua as the new leader and encourage him in this new role. This is a good example to churches and organizations: Good leaders prepare their people to function without them. They can help this transition by discovering those with leadership potential, providing the training they need, and looking for ways to encourage them.

Moses told Joshua that what he had seen God do for them in the wilderness—protect, provide, and empower—he would continue to do for them as they entered Canaan. What encouraging news for Joshua, who was to lead his men into the enemy territory of the Promised Land! Since God promised to help him win every battle, he had nothing to fear.

Our battles may not be against godless armies, but they are just as real as Joshua’s. Whether we are resisting temptation or battling fear, God has promised to fight with and for us as we obey him.
What battles are you facing today? Ask God for his power and protection as you move forward with him.
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