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Tyndale Periodicals add information, inspiration, and motivation to your Sunday bulletin.

We are the Tyndale Periodicals Division. We publish four bulletin insert publications—all four-page products designed to be used in a church bulletin, in Sunday school classes, or as a witnessing tool.

Have a Good Day is a wonderful, low-key, easy way to share the Gospel message. The Church Around the World provides important news of Christians from around the globe. Focus on the Family bulletin provides great insight, encouragement, and advice on all aspects of family. Every month Glimpses…

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What’s up with the star named Lucy?

Sitting in the Centaurus constellation 20 light years from earth is star BPM 37093—which everyone calls Lucy. It is a white dwarf and basically the planet is one huge diamond that weighs in at about 10 billion trillion trillion carats—and is the size of our moon.

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