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Bring Sheri Rose Shepherd into your next group through this special video series based on her popular book Your Heart’s Desire! Whether you’re a married woman who desires more for her marriage, a single woman who desires a godly man to love her, a divorced woman who desires and deserves a second chance to find love again, or a single mother who needs hope, bestselling author and Bible life coach Sheri Rose will lead you on a journey of faith to discover your heart’s desire lived out with an eternal perspective.

In this inspiring 8-part series, Sheri Rose shares 14 truths that will forever change the way you love and are loved by a man. These truths will encourage you and challenge you to take a step of faith. Sheri’s “real life” biblical love coaching is filled with hope, humor, and healing, as well as real love stories. God is bigger than any statistic, and He still has the power to rebuild what is broken and restore what is lost between men and women today.

Session 7: Desiring to Forgive and Forget the Former Things
This session covers chapters 12 and 13. In chapter 12, Desiring to Believe God Can Change a Man and Save a Marriage, Sheri Rose challenges and encourages us to forgive and forget. In chapter 13, Desiring to Glorify God by Showing Honor and Respect, she discusses the frustration caused by dishonorable actions and attitudes, and how to fight them. Join Sheri Rose as she speaks into your heart!

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