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It’s no accident that you picked up this book. You’re searching for something.
Perhaps you sense that your life is missing something. Maybe you just noticed it, or maybe you’ve lived with a feeling of frustration for years. Whatever led you to this point, you can’t help feeling hungry for more—but for what, exactly?

Wintley Phipps knows what you’re seeking—and how to find it. In Your Best Destiny, he unlocks eight secrets that will reveal your unique character and lead you into the most amazing life you could ever experience. These secrets are based on proven truths that will help you grow stronger, overcome obstacles, and achieve what God has in store for your life.

When you strive to become the person you were born to be, every day will be filled with more

confidence » hope » fulfillment » impact » peace » purpose » joy

Dive deep into the revealing truths behind the groundbreaking Your Best Destiny Personal Assessment Tool, which identifies your unique strengths and areas for growth. This fascinating book will open your eyes to your full potential—and will equip you to finally step into your God-given destiny.

Includes free online access to the Your Best Destiny Personal Assessment Tool!

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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