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Wooton is blending up a mix of men of God who made history. From the journey of early church martyr Telemachus and the defiance of Valentine to the amazing prayer lives of George Mueller, William Tyndale, and Charles Finney, you will learn that standing for your faith no matter the circumstances takes amazing bravery. For more historical fun facts, visit

Wooton’s Whirled History includes a compilation of previously released episodes with new introductions to each episode by Wooton. Also included is a discussion guide for parents and teachers to use as they talk through the choices made by these courageous men and women. Episodes include “Telemachus,” Part 1 and 2; “The Last ‘I Do’”; “Saint Patrick: A Heart Afire,” Part 1 and 2; and “When In Doubt . . . Pray!”

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Adventures in Odyssey never lets us down and this collection was no exception. In these CDs Wooton introduces historical adventures. In true Odyssey fashion these adventures are engaging and well done. Our family loves the historical episodes we always learn so much about people who the Lord used in amazing ways. In this collection we learn about St. Patrick, the martyr Telemachus, and an episode visiting several other events in history.