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“She’ll never make it through the night”

When Dabney Hedegard was six weeks pregnant, doctors discovered an eight-inch tumor embedded in her chest. She was diagnosed with cancer and opted to postpone treatment until further along in her pregnancy. This marked the beginning of a ten-year battle against cancer, cardiomyopathy, mitral valve prolapse, pulmonary embolism, acute pneumonia, kidney failure, respiratory failure, and heart failure. In each instance, Dabney was given less than a 30 percent chance of surviving, and twice doctors told her husband, “She’ll never make it through the night.” But each time the doctors had given up hope, God intervened, miraculously rescuing Dabney from death’s doorstep. Part medical drama, part account of divine intervention, Dabney’s extraordinary story is a fast-paced, emotional roller-coaster ride that will have you crying one moment and cheering the next. Dabney’s journey is an indisputable testament to the undeniable power of prayer.

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this is a great book. A must read for anyone who has cancer, had a loved one who took on the battle, or survived to tell about it.

When God Intervenes by Dabney Hedegard is a powerful book. It takes the reader through a true story of miracles & prayers. My heart ached along with the author's at the sometimes thoughtless "help" offered by fellow believers. A must read.

This looks like a fabulous book! I love to read accounts of God's work in everyday lives, and see how he is changing and healing hearts. He is great!

When God Intervenes is a very good book. I suggest you read it!