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From the author of When God & Cancer Meet comes this powerful message for mourners. Each chapter contains inspiring real-life stories of grievers from all walks of life who have faced difficult losses. The focus of the stories is not the circumstances of how the loved ones died, but how those left behind are finding the strength to continue living without them.

Written in the heartfelt, hopeful style for which Lynn Eib has become known, this book contains warm insights and true stories illustrating that God is close to the brokenhearted and can comfort and encourage those whose minds are filled with doubts and whose hearts are filled with grief.

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I have been inspired by the book and plan to suggest it for reading by the grieving people I meet. May God bless you as you continue doing His work here on earth.

Thank you for sending Lynn’s latest book. I received it on Thursday night and finished it by Saturday. Loved several things about it and thought of friends who have lost spouses with whom I’d like to share it. Lynn’s style is direct and easy to read. Her examples add much to the book. I think the thing I appreciate most is her honesty—we don’t know why tragedies happen; grief can be so very hard. Glib answers are not given. Lynn sympathetically keeps the reader going back to God for the comfort only He can give. Thank you, thank you!

My husband died February 9, 2009 after six and a half years of cancer treatments for Liposarcoma. The last three and a half years of his life were spent in a wheel-chair after his right leg was amputated at the hip. We both were also the caregiver's to his mother since 2000. She died the day after Mother's Day in 2008. Last week, I was cleaning out a drawer and saw your book, When God & Grief Meet. I'm not sure if someone gave it to me or I just saw it at the bookstore, but today, the LORD made it very clear, it was time to read it. I read it in one afternoon. I've never done that before... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! I'm still weeping and plan to buy as many books tomorrow as I can find. Keep on your knees and allow the LORD continue to use you in this mighty way. God bless you! Julie Pedersen, Ft. Worth, TX

As a parent who recently lost a teenage son, this book was a true blessing with the many words of comfort, compassion, and wisdom.

This book is full of hope and encouragement for anyone walking the dark road of sorrow. As comforting as a hug from a friend, this book is not one full of theological gobbledygook or clichés but instead offers many warm words of encouragement and comfort.