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Cancer is a very deep pit, but God’s healing touch is deeper still.
Cancer survivor Lynn Eib knows from experience that God can touch you. Right where you are, whoever you are: Newly diagnosed and in shock, praying there’s been some mistake. Facing surgery, hoping the doctor can get it all. Holding the hand of a loved one, trying to be strong. Trudging through chemotherapy and radiation, hoping they work. Undergoing tests, longing for good news.

When God & Cancer Meet is a book of powerful stories about cancer patients and their families who have been touched by God in miraculous ways.

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Dear Lynn, I won't tell you my whole cancer story because it is too long. In short order, I had Hodgkins Lymphoma (yes the "good kind") twice (1997 & 2001) followed with a bone marrow transplant the second time. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year later (2002) . I had 4 children ages 8 months to 8 years when I started. A friend gave my When God and Cancer Meet for Christmas (2002). She confessed that she had bought the book for me but had read it herself before wrapping it. She did not love the book because she likes what she calls the happy ending where no one dies. I just wanted to tell you that nothing else that I had read during all of those months touched me like your book did. Now in 2008, I still read it a couple of times a year to inspire me and encourage me. Like every cancer survivor, I have seen God work in different ways during my battles. I so wanted to become an advocate after reading your book. Though presently, I do not hold that title, I am a registered nurse and I try to remember everyday to be a patient advocate for the many people I am blessed to meet. Thank you for your inspiration. I just wanted you to know that you are not only touching the people that you meet, but countless others that you will probably never meet. Well done you good and faithful servant! Saginaw, MI

Lynn, I live in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. I am 38 and have three children—ages 8, 4, and 2. I was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer on October 17th. I had a complete hysterectomy and have received 5 of my 8 chemo treatments. A friend gave me your book When God and Cancer Meet. I am so thankful to you for writing that book. I cried and prayed while reading the whole thing. It gave me so much peace and comfort, especially knowing you had been there as a young mother with cancer. Thank you for the words, insights, prayers, and Scriptures you provide in this book. I have purchased 6 other copies for new friends I have met on this journey called Cancer. It provides so much hope and peace. You have truly touched many lives, especially mine.

Dear Lynn, Wow . . . That is the word that kept coming to mind with every page turned in your book. I am so blessed for finding and reading (and rereading) it recently. I kept saying to myself, “Oh—I had that same feeling,” or “I thought the same thing,” or “I relied on that same Scripture.” It was amazing the similarities of our paths. I am 34 and a survivor of lymphoma. I was diagnosed at 31 when my twin girls were 2. I had JUST begun seeking God only months before my diagnosis. No coincidence there. There were so many encounters with Him throughout my experience. I would have never known Jesus like I do today without this happening. Your book fell into my hands at the perfect time. I have had a nagging urge to help others, visit the sick, etc., for the last year and a half. But, I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I feel VERY strongly that I need to give back and assist those who are suffering with illness. When I read your book, it became clear to me why it was given to me. I went online today to try to find a way to contact you for some advice on how to start a cancer prayer support group here in upstate NY. I found your Web site, which gives me all the instruction I need to get planning. Thank you for sharing your tips. I have to admit I am a little timid about facilitating. I’ll probably have to sit in on a couple of meetings before starting. I admire your strength, openness, and willingness to follow the call. What a great blessing and a rarity to have the support and encouragement from a doctor! Thank you!

Dear Lynn, “God and cancer” met me a month ago. My pastor’s wife gave me a book before I went into the hospital that she said was a tremendous help to her when her husband, our pastor, had gotten cancer. It was your book. I can’t tell you how much your book encouraged me during this time. The stories put a REAL FACE on cancer that was not “pollyannaish” or charismatic. Thank you for telling these stories in a way that real people feel about their cancer and how God can bring a peace that passes all understanding during such a devastating time in one’s life. . . . I am also going to share your book with my neighbor, who recently lost his wife to liver cancer. He is not a believer and is VERY far from God. I hope your book will give him hope and that he will come to know the Lord through reading it. Blessings to you.

Dear Lynn, We have never met, and I have never written to you before, but your books have been very helpful to us in our journey with cancer. We have been giving them to others since my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer 11 years ago at the age of 51. Since that time, we have given over 100 of When God and Cancer Meet to believers and nonbelievers alike to encourage and point them to the Savior. We thank God for you and how He is using you to minister to others. . .

Lynn, I simply can’t thank you enough for When God and Cancer Meet. It was the most amazing book ever. It came to me at the exact moment in which I needed it most. My husband, Mark, was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma with brain mets about a year ago. After a follow-up visit two weeks ago, the brain mets are back. We were devastated to say the least. This book gave me so much hope. It has also inspired me to start a cancer support group within our church. Thank you for the roadmap to set one up. I found it on your Web site.

Hi Lynn, Your message to me means more than I can put into words however. I would love to tell you that your book has been a complete God-send to me Lynn. I was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2006 (Ocular Melanoma) at the age of 24 while I was 17 weeks pregnant with my youngest daughter. I was faced with the fact that not only was I going to have to choose whether to remove my eye or risk radiation (not knowing really how this would affect my pregnancy due to the fact OM is very rare in individuals my age, the average age of diagnosis is in the 50's-60's-70's so my doctor, who has been doctoring for 30 years had only dealt with a pregnant patient one other time, and it had been many years prior). I also faced the fact of losing vision in the eye that the tumor was in - and breath taking 50% odds that I would be alive to 5 years past diagnosis. I sunk into a VERY deep depression. At that time I did not know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I did get back into church - choosing to go the first Sunday after my diagnosis. I am not sure how I ended up there, I just knew that I was so lost that I didn't know where else to turn. During that sermon, the topic was about faith - having faith to trust God in all of his plans, and I accepted Christ during that message. My husband and I also decided if the baby we were carrying was a girl we would name her Faith (and it was a she indeed we found out a few weeks later!). I went on to have plaque radiation therapy - and just celebrated my 5 years since my cancer diagnosis in June of this year. My beautiful baby girl - Faith Ann - just celebrated her 5th birthday two weeks ago. When I was around 3 years past diagnosis I was still struggling with this cloud of depression and just the unknown of the survival rate and what would happen to me, and my daughters. My mom died (not of cancer but of a lung disease) when I was 11 years old - so I KNOW what it is to grow up without a mother. I think that really affects my fear on dying. I do not want my daughters to grow up the way that I did. I still battle several times a week with missing my mom and she has been gone for 18 years now. After one of my scans that came back perfectly normal I spent a lot of time in prayer with God, asking him to show me a way to deal better with my pre scan anxiety (as it would cripple me for anywhere from a month to a few weeks prior to each scan). A few days later I was at the library with my 3 year old and your book caught my attention. I was not there seeking it out, God indeed led me right to it. I spent the next few days in tears and in awe as God spoke to me, through you and your book, in a way that I had never experienced. I learned so much about faith, and I wished that I had found your book 3 years earlier. However God's timing is perfect, and I took it as an opportunity to share your book with others who may be going through the same situation. ...Studies show that between 5-10 years past diagnosis is the time that the cancer is most likely to metastisize which is incurable. My gut reaction is to sink back into that depression I kicked to the curb a few years ago when I found your book. I have to fight that urge so often still. But I am winning. MY God is bigger than statistics. And I need to trust that He has not only my best interests but also my daughter's and husband's in mind too. ANY person I hear of that has cancer I recommend your book to. Some I have even bought your book for them because it truly saved my life from ruins. It opened my eyes to God in a new way. And you go with me to my 6 months scans too. The “take- aways” that really spoke to me from your book are now written in my beloved bible and I refer to them often. These are my lifelines. They help me get my breath back after statistics and Satan have tried to take it away and they help me plant my feet where they should be - with Christ. Lynn your book meant the world to me. THANK YOU!