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For many people, worry, anxiety, and fear are constant companions: fear of death, fear of danger, fear of disease. And too often, these fears are crippling, keeping us from the life God has called us to live.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Dr. David Jeremiah. As Christians, we have been given all we need in order to face down even the most frightening, unexpected, and overwhelming obstacles in life.

In his new book, What Are You Afraid Of? Dr. Jeremiah explores the top ten fears that are holding so many of us back from the life God has called us to live and shares the supernatural secrets for facing down these fears with faith.

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Dr. David Jeremiah's thorough book contains ten chapters. The first nine chapters addresses common fears that are able to be overcome: disaster, disease, debt, defeat, disconnection, disapproval, danger, depression, death. The final chapter is about the fear of God, which is a fear that SHOULD be included in our lives every day. Some chapters spoke to me more than others, particularly the chapter on disconnection or the fear of being alone. It's not a fear of mine, but Dr. Jeremiah discusses some interesting points that sparked thoughts about the impact of technology and social media in today's world. For example, researches found that people become more depressed and lonely when they spend more time on the Internet. Additionally, Hal Niedzviecki's experiment regarding the number of Facebook friends and how it doesn't always equate to true friendships showed me the importance of maintaining face-to-face contact with people. As Dr. Jeremiah said, "Going without food or water will kill the body, but the lack of relationship will kill the mind and spirit." This was a helpful and beneficial read with many takeaways!

“Think about it – fear is almost always based on the future. Sometimes we’re afraid because we know what’s coming in the future. But more commonly, we’re afraid of what we don’t know about the future. We’re afraid of what might happen,” Dr. David Jeremiah writes in his book, "What Are You Afraid Of? – Facing Down Your Fears With Faith." At two hundred and twenty-eight pages, this paperback book is targeted toward young and old adults who are dealing or have dealt with fear and want to overcome its strong grip on their lives. With a Christian emphasis, mainly the New King James Version of the Bible is used with four other versions included. With most fears in teenagers being terrorist attacks, spiders, death/being killed, not succeeding in life/failing, war, heights, crime/violence, being alone, the future, and nuclear war, Jeremiah stresses fear is usually future-based and that we should focus on God instead of our fears. Within ten chapters, the writer breaks fear into ten “D” sections: disaster, disease, debt, defeat, disconnection, disapproval, danger, depression, death and Deity. Addressing each individually, the reader who has a fear of natural calamity, illness, financial loss, failure, being alone, rejection, trouble, mentality, dying or God can focus on that specific type for guidance. Using ample Biblical applications of Old and New Testament, Psalms is mentioned often along with characters such as Job, Moses, Joshua, King David, Hezekiah, Paul, Peter, and, of course, Jesus. Also included are thoughts on fear from writers and preachers such as Alcorn, Eareckson-Tada, Lewis, Spurgeon, Thoreau, and Wesley to name a few. Past and present events that produce fear are used as examples and how God uses them as He wills. As Jeremiah walks the reader through each fear trigger-point, he promotes God’s promises, purpose, and protection that He gives endlessly and mercifully to us. If it is disobedience, depression, or death, God is our refuge and is to be the One greatly feared, not the things of this world. As we all face some type of fear, be it great or small, this book is a helpful tool to use in conjunction with the Word of God to focus on Christ when fearful. As it states in Psalms, fear will be abandoned when we “Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass” as we face our earthly challenges. This book was furnished by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. in lieu of an unbiased review.

As an engineer I have seen time and money invested in stop-gap solutions that never addressed root cause of the problem. Unfortunately the same “quick-fix” process is often applied in the Christian walk. Dr. David Jeremiah’s book, What Are You Afraid Of?, identifies various sources of fear, a common malady among Christians. We call fear by various names - “fear, worry, anxiety, intimidation, unsettledness, dread, unease, alarm, distress, apprehensiveness” - but Dr. Jeremiah asks penetrating questions to help us remove the labels and get to the root of our problem. “What is stealing your joy and destroying your hope? What is robbing you of sleep, night after night? What keeps you from living by faith and being a risk taker? What keeps you from giving your life wholly to a loving God who wants nothing but the best for you?” (Page xi) Once we have identified the areas in our life where fear is master, we are ready for solutions and Dr. Jeremiah has done a masterful job addressing 10 specific fears. He provides good examples coupled with Scriptural answers for combating the particular fear. His writing style is easy to follow, and I found the layout of the book to be logical. With the titles he has chosen for the chapters, this will become a ready reference source. Church librarians and those who provide Christian counseling services may find the book worthy of adding to the collection. Fearful believers in a need of a practical word of encouragement will also want to consider this book. Note - Tyndale House Publishers provided a complimentary copy of the book to facilitate this review.

What are you afraid of? by David Jeremiah is an interesting book. The author knows his Bible verses & writes on common fears. He sometimes presents scholarly opinion as fact

What Are You Afraid Of is bestselling author & speaker, Dr. David Jeremiah's timely and newest book addressing modern society's greatest fears. In a spiraling downward economy of job loss and foreclosure, with cancer, depression and illness on the rise, Dr. Jeremiah reassures the reader that in all his years as a pastor, studying the bible and ministering to people, he has "yet to find a fear for which God does not have an answer. And the reason is simple: God Himself is the answer to all our fears". (page xii) Systematically, Jeremiah addresses the most common fears one by one: disaster, disease, debt, defeat, loneliness, rejection, danger, depression, death and even fears of God. The prosperity gospel and false prosperity teaching have failed countless people as they continue to suffer and have no answers. The modern phenomenon of prosperity teaching does not address the problems that believers really face and many are left unprepared and abandoned to face life's challenges. The author addresses the shortcomings and dangers of the false incomplete teachings of the prosperity message. It is as if Dr. Jeremiah has to come to the rescue of a mislead society, and redirect them to God's promises that have been long forgotten in the wake of modern false doctrines and values. This book will not disappoint you when you are expecting encouragement in times of severe distress. This book specifically helps those who are enduring really difficult times, to endure and persevere. The author address real issues- job loss, terminal illness, grief and loss. This book is designed to help those who are suffering from extreme circumstances. If you are bellyaching because you burned your husband's dinner, or the grass stain won't come out of the soccer uniform, or if missed an appointment for your pedicure, or your favorite coach bag sold out before you reached the mall, then this book isn't for you. What you need is a fluffy, superficial, condescending, feel- good, women's devotional book with an image of an overpriced latte or a photo of a quaint Martha Stuart-esque vase of garden blooms. If you feel that your wealth and status and health are indicators of your spiritual faith or obediance then prepare to have your narrow world view challenged. But, if you truly suffer from life's heartaches, and are overwhelmed with uncertainty and anxiety then this book with its piercing, fast paced, red and bright motion blurred cover is for you. Jeremiah disseminates truth in an easy to understand style that communicates to every reader. He gleans every story about extreme suffering and faith from the bible from the old testament and even the new- showing how the God's interventions are just as applicable to each and every reader. I can not say enough how this book is written for those in desperate need. This book is worth reading twice and maybe even three times. It is worthy of a bedside table, or to keep in your car for easy access right next to the bible. Get out your highlighter, your pen and post it notes- as you will certainly want to mark up important passages, quotes and biblical truths from this book. After reading this book, and really meditating on the biblical truths communicated, one can feel a renewed sense of empowerment to live a selfless life style. Even apathetic readers who have given up hope may even find motivation to persevere. I think every Christian )and even secular readers) should read this book. If you are looking for bible based motivation and a relief while enduring extreme dire circumstances in a heartless world that centers in materialism, selfish ambition and competition, then this book is perfect. This book is the perfect spiritual salve for those experiencing intense pain and grief!!! This is a book to read and return to- it won't collect dust on a book shelf.

I found out about this book through Lifeway Christian Stores and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Fear is so prevelant in all of us-- even Christians. All of us need to step out in faith and OVERCOME! :) This book will be a great tool to do that.

Books by Dr. David Jeremiah are always informative and interesting. So, when I received What Are You Afraid Of? Facing Down Your Fears with Faith I quickly began reading the first chapter. And was pleasantly surprised at the ease of reading this nonfiction book. Chapter 1: Disaster The Fear of Natural Calamity begins with a somewhat suspenseful story of the the Trowbridges and where they need to hide. All of the chapters begin with a "person" story to illustrate that word - the words are Disaster, Disease, Debt, Defeat, Disconnection, Disapproval, Danger, Depression, Death, and Deity. I thought it interesting that Dr. Jeremiah used all words that begin with the letter D. This is a great faith lifter read! The third chapter, Debt: The Fear of Financial Collapse, really struck home with me. Our nation is in debt, so many people are in debt and there seems to be financial collapse in all our near futures...the calamity that could happen makes my heart so ever troubled. But after reading this book I was greatly encouraged and reminded that God is in control! This wonderful, faith lifting book is a must read for ALL christians. We need not live in fear and Dr. David Jeremiah gives us a whole lot of reasons to trust God and not fear! *This book was provided by Tyndale Publishing*