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Every soldier has a war story.
Steven Elliott’s opens with the death of American hero Pat Tillman by “friendly fire” in Afghanistan—when Army Ranger Elliott pulled the trigger, believing he and his fellow soldiers were firing on the enemy.

Tormented by remorse and PTSD in the aftermath of Tillman’s death, Elliott descended into the depths of guilt, alcoholism, and depression; lost his marriage and his faith; and struggled to stay alive. The war that began on foreign soil had followed him home.

A must-read for veterans and their loved ones, War Story is an explosive look at the chaos of war—and the battle for life in its aftermath. It confronts some of life’s biggest questions: Why do we choose to fight for a country or a cause? What happens when the cost of that fight overwhelms and destroys? Can we forgive and be forgiven? How do we find hope? At its core, War Story is a dramatic personal encounter with war and faith, love and tragedy, and ultimate renewal.

All of the author’s proceeds from the writing of this book will be donated to organizations serving the mental health needs of the active duty and veteran community.

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6 x 9 in.

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Army Ranger Sergeant Steven Elliott has written one of the most compelling and moving personal narratives on war-stress injury, moral pain, and the long, twisted road to recovery that I have ever read! War Story is a must read for active-duty personnel, veterans, family members, friends of veterans, clergyman, healthcare professionals, and mental health clinicians alike.

Steven Elliott was a determined warrior who volunteered to serve his country out of a sense of duty—a sacred obligation he felt was his as an American citizen. This book, War Story, recalls a tragic event in one of the world’s best-trained and most capable combat units, an American Ranger battalion. More important, Steve courageously shares the deeply personal effects of posttraumatic stress from this combat action that nearly destroyed him and his family. This is an absolute must read for every professional soldier. War Story should make leaders reexamine how the unseen wounds of war are addressed within the Department of Defense!

Steven Elliott’s War Story includes the final day of combat for Pat Tillman. Steve discovered how hard it is to ask for help in bearing the fog and the wounds war. This book is about courage, facing the past, and winning the future. It is an inspiration to all of us who bore the battle.