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Break through the walls that are holding you back!
Walls. They’re right in front of you, like it or not. They can block you from the close relationship with God you’ve longed for—but always seems out of reach. Perhaps you’re struggling with a wall of doubt, resentment, anger, or even fear. Maybe the walls in your life are preventing you from finding fulfillment in your marriage or maintaining meaningful friendships. Walls can hold you back from God’s best in your work and home—and most of all, from the kind of spiritual life with Christ you’ve longed to have.
But what causes these walls? And how do we move past them to closer, deeper relationships with God and each other? Pastor Ryan Rush knows firsthand what it takes to break through. In Walls, he will inspire you to face whatever wall is in your life, equip you to overcome it, and lead you to the freedom-based faith that’s waiting just on the other side.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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Walls: They’re anything that keeps you from living the life God intended for you. They cut you off from family, freedom, and friends. And when you’re faced with a wall—whether it goes up after a life circumstance like losing your job or divorcing, or whether there just seems to be an emotional/spiritual barrier that keeps you from fully connecting to God—what do you do? Well, Pastor Ryan Rush believes you have two options. A breakdown . . . or a breakthrough.
Through practical insights and inspiring stories about people who “broke through” a wall in their spiritual life, Ryan guides you through understanding, facing up to, and breaking through the walls that are holding you back. He shows you how these walls go up in the first place, how to prevent them, and how to overcome them by embracing God’s promises for your life. With those walls out of your way, you’ll run at top speed to get to God and experience a freedom-based faith like never before.