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Steve Saint, author of the best selling autobiography End of the Spear (which sold over 100,000 copies and was made into a feature film), returns with a series of adventurous, inspiring stories of how God makes himself known through both the dramatic and the seemingly mundane events of life. While walking God's trail all over the world, Steve has spotted the Creator's hand at work in many significant life moments—from finding the love of his life to befriending the tribe that murdered his missionary father; from living in the Ecuadorian jungle to creating a major motion picture and presenting it before the United Nations. Sometimes triumphant, sometimes tragic, Steve's invariably thrilling tales are those of a born storyteller.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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I'm sure you get many mails thanking you for what your life story (rather His story) has done in lives. I would still like to take the time to thank you for allowing God to work through you and sharing the experiences with others. Besides the fact that I was not alive in 1956, the story of the 5 missionaries in Ecuador did not circulate that much here in South Africa. Even today, when I share the story that has so deeply impacted my life, I find that not many people around here know that much about it. My first encounter with the story was when I searched around on MAF's Web site, and they sent Jungle Pilot as a gift. I was instantly captivated, and the story cemented my desire to commit my life to become a full-time missionary pilot. A couple of years later I found End of the Spear, and my desire to serve God full-time grew more. Now I have the DVD and the Steven Curtis Chapman concert, which are both wonderful tools to share the story that drives me with my friends. The latest book I found was Walking His Trail. That was a week ago, and it came in perfect time! With questions and uncertainty surrounding me, I literally went on an amazing journey with the book! Not sure what God’s plan with the journey was, I soon found out that it was to impact a few young aspiring pilots (much like myself), showing them that GOD is PIC! This short version of the story might not make that much sense for you, but know that your story has a daily impact on my life! I am now only a few hours away from completing my CPL, a journey that has taken 5 years, during which God has taught me a lot more than flying. I still plan to dedicate my life and flying full-time to His service. After reading Walking His Trail, I was inspired to start documenting the amazing sand castle God has built along my beach.