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In his Word, God promises us freedom from worry. Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually believed him? What would happen if you took the concerns that grip you, that keep you awake at night, that clench your stomach in knots . . . and truly handed them over to his keeping?
Like no other writer can do, best-selling author Chris Tiegreen opens your eyes and heart to a better, more weightless way to live. Unburdened won’t teach you how to avoid responsibility or hide from serious issues. Neither is it about how to escape and go live on a beach—though having a couple of palm trees around never hurts. It’s about taking the burdens you currently carry and making them much, much lighter. It’s about transferring the weight of your responsibilities from the weak shoulders of your flesh to the strong fingertips of God. It’s about learning to live in deep-down, heart-level freedom. And no one who reads Unburdened will walk away unchanged.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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What wakes you up at night? Worries about your finances or your job situation? Anxiety about your health or the struggles of one of your children? If you feel weighed down by trouble, you’re not alone—but you don’t need to stay stuck there.
I’ve read Chris’s devotions for years, and he regularly speaks truth into my life. Now, in his typically insightful and thoughtful manner, Chris Tiegreen invites you to journey with him as he considers what it means to allow God to carry our loads. While your burdens may still be there when you finish this book, I suspect they will suddenly seem a lot lighter.

Masterful, calming and wise. A liberating study on what it means not to battle burdens but to let God carry them. A great gift for anyone eager to exchange spiritual struggles for victorious freedom. Probing and life-changing. Makes me want to say “aaaaah!”

Don’t read this book! At least not if you like simple formulas, clichés, and easy answers, because Chris’s thoughtful treatment of this challenging topic will just frustrate you. If, however, you’re tired of carrying burdens God never intended you to bear, let Chris serve as a trusted guide to help you lighten your load and surrender the delusion that you’ll someday get it all under control if you just try a little harder.