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Product Description

Tyndale Select Bibles are the highest quality bindings available in the New Living Translation. Select Reference Editions are the premier Bibles in the Tyndale Select line. Select Reference Editions deliver God’s enduring word in a fresh, yet timeless, reading experience. Each full-grain leather Bible is meticulously handcrafted with excellence, and Smyth-sewn with the greatest of care to ensure durability, flexibility, and a lay-flat binding.

Handsome editions are available in black or brown full-grain calfskin leather. Calfskin leather covers are handbound and a pleasure to hold. Calfskin leather editions feature superior gold-gilded page edges and two ribbon markers.

The attractive single-column interior of the Select Reference Edition makes this Bible enjoyable to read. The line-over-line setting and top-quality paper maximizes the brightness of the page and minimizes show-through for optimal readability. Other premium interior features include the generous 8.75 font, spacious margins, and over 40,000 cross references. Printed, bound, and meticulously handcrafted at Jongbloed’s premier bindery in the Netherlands, Select Reference Editions are Tyndale’s finest-quality Bibles available in the New Living Translation.

Product Details

Calfskin Leather, Brown
Text Size:
8.750Text Size Comparison Guide
Trim Size:
5.333 x 8.25 in.

I always love reference Bibles, they're great!

I started reading the New Living Translation while working through an upper level course on Greek exegesis. I was simply looking for a version that emphasized a sentence-by-sentence translation as opposed to a word-for-word translation (because I was required to do this type of translating for my assignments). I was pleasantly surprised with the NLT. It is a very impressive work, and makes for very smooth reading. The translation team also made the wise decision to translate the dates in the text into their modern equivalents. So, whereas previous translations might read that a certain event happened in, say, the twelfth year of a certain king, the NLT will (based on historical data) read that it happened in "586 BC" or "on April 22nd, 722 BC" They have also done the same thing with other forms of measurement (including currency, weight, and time). This makes the events seem much easier to relate to.

Tyndale Select NLT I have just opened the box with the newest edition of Tyndale’s New Living Translation Select Bible in brown goatskin. It is amazing. The upscale binding is satisfyingly soft and floppy in the hand. The natural full-grain brown goatskin cover is edged-lined to maximize it’s suppleness. With two brown ribbons markers, perimeter stitching, and gold foil frame around the inside and matching brown inside cover it is has a premium appearance. It has gold over red art-gilding on the page edges. And the pages are Smyth-sewn. The quality of this hand made Bible speaks of durability as well as beauty. The trim size is about 5 ¼ by 8 ¼ by 1 ½ inches. I love the fact the cover is plain with no lettering. The spine has a very simple but classy gold lettering imprint of Holy Bible, with New Living Translation and Tyndale. But where it really shines for me in the single column text layout in 8.75 point type. This is a reader’s Bible. The printing is dark and contrasts nicely with the high quality Bible paper. No words of Christ in red for this edition which is my personal favorite. The line over line printing minimizes show through for easy readability and it has generous margins. As a study bible, it has over 40,000 cross references. I really like the dictionary/concordance resource of this edition. This is a high quality, durable and beautiful easy to carry edition of my favorite contemporary translation. Assembled by Jongbloed’s bindery in the Netherlands this is the finest Bible ever to come from Tyndale. I am going to see that my grandchildren all get one for graduation gifts. I give this an unequivocal five star rating.