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This six-book series centers around two 23rd century goofballs, Tuna and Herby, who travel back in time to study TJ Finkelstein for their history project. TJ will someday become a great leader who demonstrates honesty, integrity, thoughtfulness, self-sacrifice, respect for others—all traits she hones and grasps through her adventures in this series. Unfortunately, Tuna and Herby get stuck in TJ’s time (modern day), so she has to deal with their schemes while juggling the normal issues of a seventh grader who has moved to a new city, is trying to fit in, and is coping with her mother’s death and her family’s new life.
In New Kid Catastrophes, TJ accidentally makes an enemy of Hesper Breakahart, the superstar who attends their school. And Tuna and Herby’s attempts to help just lead to one disaster after another. In the end, TJ is still very unpopular, but she learns the value of looking past appearances and gains a few friends—and the attention of the most popular boy in school.

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I like the silliness. This is a really fun series with an unusual concept and likeable bumbling time travellers. I'm over-qualified for the stories for YA and kids, but I read them anyway. This author writes extremely well and makes me laugh. This has creativity, action, and futuristic technology that malfunctions frequently. The main characters are mostly believable, with some exaggeration, which makes a point in an amusing way. I am planning to read the rest of the series to find out what happens next.

I read this book to verify it would be fitting for my oldest nephew. While he may need to grow into the book a little (i.e. start by reading it with a parent), it should be a good series for him. There are lots of onomatopoeias for sound effects, although the "futuristic" (i.e. made up) words may be a bit difficult to grasp. All-in-all, a decent book.