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“Nothing special” is the best way to describe Owen Reeder—at least that's what he's been told all his life. When a stranger visits his father's bookstore, Owen's ordinary life spirals out of control and right into a world he didn't even know existed. Owen believes the only gift he possesses is his ability to devour books, but he is about to be forced into a battle that will affect two worlds: his and the unknown world of the Lowlands. Perfect for readers ages 10 to 14 who enjoy a fast-paced story packed with action, fantasy, and humor.

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“To the Wormlings with the courage to go where duty calls, where friends despair, and where danger lurks. It is far better thing to risk and fail than to never risk,” the strange book states in Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry’s tome, "The Book of the King: 1 (The Wormling)." First in “The Wormling” series, this two hundred and eighty-five page e-book targets middle school age children and older, especially those who like spiritual fantasy of good versus evil. With no profanity or sex scenes, some violent depictions may scare younger aged children. After forty-nine chapters and an epilogue, the authors’ biographies along with other written works complete the book. In this fantasy fiction, Owen Reeder, a limping high school freshman, loves to read and spend time in his father’s eclectic book store. Sheltered, shy, and awkward, he is enamored with a beautiful girl named Clara as he writes for the school’s newspaper. After being beaten up by the school bully for supposedly writing a negative article, he experiences a bizarre encounter that alters his life involving a magical book. When his father refuses to let him keep the book, he, with the help of a blabbermouth middle schooler, pursues the stranger who offered the book and is given it. Uncovering his father’s secret meetings, sneaking through underground tunnels to avoid a slimy monster, and encountering a bookworm, he reads to overcome his fears. Through the written pages, he discovers he has been chosen to go from the Highlands to the Lowlands to help the King who is being challenged by the Dragon and his council. Using Biblical proverbs in the one-of-a-kind volume, Reeder learns morals such as nothing good is ever easy, courage is needed to follow your heart, a friend loves through thick and thin, and tomorrow has its own concerns. With metaphors, a correlation of the Almighty God and Jesus returning to collect believers follows the storyline. With dry humor and explaining more complicated word meanings, the authors weave a story of those who want to destroy hearts of good people to those who need to be freed from tyranny. The many diverse characters offer numerous adventures for the Wormling in future books in the series. Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for furnishing this book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

It is an awesome series for any Christian. A must read!