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Do you secretly think that the harder you work, the more God is pleased with you? You can live like that—for a while. But imagine what it might mean instead to unclench your teeth, loosen your grip, and actually experience God’s pleasure in you—not just in everything you are doing for Him? The Well-Played Life is a journey of a life filled with richness, fruitfulness, and creativity of living in God’s pleasure. Renowned author Leonard Sweet explores what it means to please God in the nitty-gritty of life; how that changes from the time we are 5 to the time we are 50; and how in every age of our lives, in everything we do, we can experience God’s gift of play. The Well-Played Life offers a new spiritual direction of enjoying (and being enjoyed by) God. Discover how a Sabbath way of Christian joy is not only possible, but also how we were designed . . . and a core part of God’s plan for our lives.

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The Well-Played Life by Leonard Sweet was a huge disappointment. After reading 40 pages of the 262 page book, I was finally through the introduction. Sweet’s book is overly-complicated and confusing. The quotes by famous people that are put in sidebars don’t flow well with kindle format, sometimes going over 3 pages with ordinary text alongside it. The author throws around Latin (I think) & coined words from another book he wrote. I got this book because I was excited about its premise, but I returned it because it was a difficult

This book is amazing!