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Discover the incredible joy of giving thanks to God with The Thanksgiving Blessing by Meadow Rue Merrill!

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie—Everything looks so delicious, but there's just one problem. Unlike the rest of her family, Molly didn't bring anything to share! With her cousins Jacob and Sammy, and the rest of her family, help Molly brings the best gift to the table yet: giving thanks to God! Best of all, bring Christ into your own family Thanksgiving tradition with a hands-on poem scroll craft and activity!

The Thanksgiving Blessing board and picture books by Meadow Rue Merrill are engaging illustrated books for children one to three and four to seven years old, respectively. These colorful pages are about families celebrating Thanksgiving. Features eye-catching and colorful art by Disney and Marvel artist Drew Krevi!

4 Key Features of The Thanksgiving Blessing Books

  1. Christ-Centered: Focusing on Jesus, loving God, and serving others, The Thanksgiving Blessing encourages a biblical way of observing Thanksgiving and paves the way for a Christ-centered foundation for your kids for life!
  2. Eye Catching and Colorful Illustrations: Fun and engaging illustrations that will keep even the shortest attention spans glued to this heartwarming story of focusing on Jesus.
  3. Age-Appropriate: For kids 4-7 years old, this board book was written to suit the appropriate reading levels. The Thanksgiving Blessing can make the perfect read-to-me bedtime book or a story more advanced kids can read alone!
  4. Hands-On Family Activity: Holidays are an opportunity to create family traditions and memories. At the back of the book are easy-to-follow suggestions and instructions for the "Old Hundreth" scroll craft that you and your kids can do every year!

Perfect for kids of parents and grandparents, church libraries, Sunday school classrooms, homeschool, and more! Hardcover picture book, ages 4–7. 32 pages, 9 x 9 inches. ISBN 978-1-62862-801-2.

About the Lantern Hill Farm Series

Holidays are an opportunity for celebration and a time to create family traditions and memories. Yet often the emphasis shifts from the reason for the holiday to making the children the center of the celebration. The Lantern Hill Farm series of picture books and board books is designed to provide parents and grandparents with entertaining stories and easy-to-recreate family activities that allow children to be part of the holiday but not the center of it.

Meadow Rue Merrill is an award-winning journalist with two decades of published writing experience. She recently published a memoir about her family called Redeeming Ruth (Hendrickson Publishers, 2017). She also regularly contributed to "Motherlode," a popular column of the New York Times. She began reporting for The Times Record, a daily newspaper in Brunswick, Maine, and spent the following eight years corresponding for The Boston Globe. Most recently she has written for Harvard University. She has regular columns with The Portland Press Herald, Maine's largest newspaper and Down East magazine. Author currently resides in Richmond, Maine.

Drew Krevi is a freelance artist with clients from many different industries such as Disney, Marvel Comics, Cartoon Network, Group Publishing, and Gospel Light. When he's not working in the studio, Drew enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. They can often be found at the beach (even in winter!) or following the girls around Ventura County, California to their sporting events. Drew also teaches Sunday school to fourth- through sixth-grade kids, stays involved with VBS, and volunteers with Amor Missions, building homes for the underserved in Mexico. He is also a regular runner, plays some softball here and there, and loves a good carne asada burrito!

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