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One of Booklist’s Top 10 Inspirational Fiction for 2017
Many lives were changed the day a fire burned down Faith Community Church, devastating the small town of Sugarcreek, Ohio.

Now a young Amish widow, Lydia Gruber faces an uncertain future. Her husband, a craftsman and volunteer firefighter, always took care of everything, keeping her isolated from others in their community. Without anyone or any skills, how will she survive?

With the death of her beloved aunt Rose in the fire, single mom Jessica Holtz inherits Rose’s Knit One Quilt Too cottage. Though determined to keep the shop open in her aunt’s memory, she doesn’t know the first thing about knitting and quilting and begins to see her aunt’s dream slip through her fingers.

When Liz Cannon lost her dear friend Rose, she also lost her partner in the Secret Stitches Society—the name they gave themselves while delivering gifts of hope to troubled folks in the dark of night. Liz convinces Jessica to keep the anonymous society going, despite the younger women’s inadequacy with knitting and sewing needles. But soon Liz has problems of her own as the life she has rebuilt for herself begins to crumble again.

When Liz and Jessica choose Lydia for their first mission, the three women cross paths and form an unlikely friendship in the aftermath of tragedy. As they walk together through triumph and heartbreak—through grief and new chances at love—they begin to discover that with friends by your side, a stitch of hope can be found anywhere.

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In Liggett’s latest, the characters demonstrate triumph, heartache, grief and friendship, as well as the impact one person can have on others. The concept behind the Secret Stitches Society is heartwarming and encouraging. The charming characters are relatable, and it is easy to visualize the quaint scenes.

After losing her husband in a fire, Lydia Gruber is trying to move on. She is not sure how to do that on her own, particularly when she learns some things about her husband that she didn’t know. Single mother Jessica Holtz lost her aunt Rose in the same fire. Jessica inherits a quilt shop and wants to keep her aunt’s dream alive, but she is not a crafter and is struggling. Liz Cannon was friends and partners with Rose in the Secret Stitches Society, a group that gives gifts to community members in need. Liz and Jessica come together to help preserve Rose’s legacy, and they choose Lydia for their next mission. What plans does God have for these three women when their paths cross?

Three women drawn together by a shared loss and a good deed discover a friendship that leads to new opportunities and blessings for each of them. Amish widow Lydia Gruber recently lost her husband in a tragic fire. Single mom Jessica Holtz inherited her aunt’s Knit One Quilt Too Cottage, when her aunt perished in the same fire. Liz Cannon lost her close friend and accomplice, Rose. Together, these woman take on the challenges of life—dealing with grief, running a business that seems destined to fail, and maintaining the missions of the Secret Stitches Society, bringing gifts of hope to those in need. Liggett is an accomplished writer. Each character grows in amazing ways as the trio suffers setbacks and victories. Readers will feel the charming town of Sugarcreek come alive as they are drawn into the saga of these delightful women. Highly recommended.

In the aftermath of a local church fire, a trio of unlikely friends take it upon themselves to bring hope to their Ohio community of Sugarcreek, one anonymously delivered care package at a time. Lydia Gruber is a young Amish widow haunted by questions about her short marriage. Liz Cannon is a middle-aged real estate agent in a struggling market grieving the loss of her best friend. Jessica Holtz is a single mother who knows little about handicrafts but suddenly inherits her late aunt’s quilt and craft shop. Together, they make up the Secret Stitches Society, and when trouble hits close to home, they must rely on their shared faith and strength of sisterhood to see them through. Liggett (Beaded Hope, 2010) crafts a heartwarming beacon of friendship and tender new beginnings in this cozy, sweet Christian romance featuring strong female leads from different generations and cultures. The small-town charm and interconnectedness, fastened with knitting, quilting, and crafting, make this an ideal feel-good read. Liggett writes with loveliness and uplift and is a refreshing breath of wholesome goodness.

A heartwarming story of faith and friendship in unlikely places, this novel offers a welcome message of hope in a divided world.

Cathy Liggett’s The Sisters of Sugarcreek shows that hope can rise from the ashes of loss.

In the classic midwestern town of Sugarcreek, Ohio, the Faith Community Church has just burned down. Lydia, Jessica, and Liz are all affected by the tragedy. Lydia, an Amish woman, loses her husband, and Liz and Jessica lose Rose, Liz’s friend and Jessica’s aunt. Each woman is challenged by her unique circumstances and grief, and each seeks faith and hope in the midst of her pain. Liz and Jessica decide to use sewing in honor of Rose, who owned a sewing and knitting store, to show care for Lydia.

The story shows how women can forge meaningful, healing friendships despite their differences. The women’s care for each other is shown to have the power to uplift others as well, even in the toughest times.

The writing achieves a simple, elegant balance of dialogue, narration, and exposition. The pace is steady and moves smoothly forward, investing just the right depth in each moment. The book conveys unassuming faith with its Bible verses and Amish proverbs, and focuses on the love that unites people of faith rather than presenting a singular expression of any particular faith tradition. The look inside Amish life is intriguing.

The story, with its warm and positive tones, will particularly appeal to Christian readers, especially those who’ve lived through the loss of a loved one, or who are drawn to encourage others who are suffering. Discussion questions at the end of the book will help individuals and groups to live out the beauty and hope of the story.

The Sisters of Sugarcreek is a heartwarming story of faith and friendship in unlikely places, and a welcome message of hope in a divided world.