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More than three hundred years ago, a French monk named Brother Lawrence discovered how to live in God’s presence moment by moment. His reflections have become the devotional classic The Practice of the Presence of God. Discover his secret as you read this timeless classic!

Brother Lawrence was born Nicholas Herman in Lorraine province, France in about 1605. He came from a humble background and was an unlearned man. He became a Christian in 1629, and after being a soldier and a footman for some time, he entered the religious community of the Carmelites in Paris in about 1649. It was there, as a lay brother, that he took the name of Brother Lawrence. He remained in the community until his death in 1691. While in the community he worked most of the time as a helper in the kitchen; it is in this specific surrounding that he became known for his simple, practical faith.

Originally published in French as La pratique de la prâesence de Dieu.

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