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From counselor and popular radio host Dr. Randy Carlson comes a new book containing the surprising truth: Living a better life is easier than you think! Instead of making big resolutions that quickly overwhelm you, The Power of One Thing invites you to begin moving toward change one daily, intentional step at a time. You’ll learn how to figure out which positive change can make the biggest payoff in your life; you’ll get practical tips from those who have already benefited from this plan; and you’ll see how your one thing, lived intentionally over time, will help you to achieve the dreams you’d almost given up on.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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This is an amazing book! I am so glad that God sent it to me via the gift from a generous friend. It has given me the power to start with the one thing that will intentionally change my life for the better. I have been stuck in Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Slough of Despond" for way too long and this book has shown me the way to climb out and have a life worth living instead of just existing in the passing of days. Thank you, Dr. Carlson, for your guidance and the many words of wisdom in this wonderful book. I heartily recommend it to anyone who is struggling with anything in their life. It is a marvelous guidebook to help you get unstuck and move forward with happiness to an intentional and purposeful life.

This is definitely a very challenging book...but in a good way. You should see my copy, it is tabbed and highlighted. I even went through and pulled out some quotes I really liked and posted them above my computer as motivation! I finished this book in a couple of days, but it will be a book that I keep on my bookshelf and will most definitely come back to it time and time again as a reference. I love how Carlson points out that the easiest way to make a change in your life is to do one small thing at a time (e.g. if you want to un-clutter your house, don't set out to clean the closets, attic and garage in one day...start with one office drawer today and do a little more tomorrow and so forth). In Part One he addresses the concept of "One Small Thing" and gets you to think about what area you want to change. In Part Two he breaks it up into 9 chapters and coers a different area in each chapter (e.g. Attitude, Words, Decision, Emotions, etc.). I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to change anything in their life and have been unsuccessful up till now; whether it be weight-loss, martial problems, clutter, or disobedient children.