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Princesses are a big attraction for most girls, especially preschoolers and early readers. The One Year My Princess Devotions is written for early readers and preschoolers. Each devotion sheds light on how the reader is a princess—a daughter of God, the King. The devotions also emphasize how little princesses should respond to being God’s children. Each devotion includes Royal Words (the Bible verse), Princess Thoughts (a short devotion written for early readers), a Prayer, and a Princess in Action section (an activity related to the devotion).

The devotions are thematic according to the calendar. For example, January features creation and February highlights love.

Little Princesses will look forward to learning more about their King each day.

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6.5 x 7.75 in.

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“Girls will learn about God the King and develop a sense of belonging to God’s family as they apply his Word daily and become princesses in action,” Karen Whiting writes in her children’s book, "The One Year My Princess Devotions: Preschool Edition." This three hundred and ninety-four page hardbound book has an embossed cover complete with glitter targeted toward girls that are ages three to five years old. With no profanity, sex, or violence, it is to be used as a daily devotional for mother and young preschool daughter to read. Using mostly the New International Version of the Bible, this reader wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence. Each page has a day’s devotion with a darker pink background on the left page and a lighter pink on the right side as tiny ladybugs flitter across the paper. Besides monthly page breaks, at the end of the book is a Scripture index by date, author’s biography, and other books available. Every day is broken down to four themes about princesses: royal words, princess thoughts, a prayer for the King, and the princess in action with each being only one to five short sentences long for quick reviewing. Some daily topics range from flowers, hearts, music, and dancing to listening, being friendly, learning about God, and praying. For example, August 2nd writes out under the first theme Proverbs 31:10 about a noble wife is worth far more than rubies. The thoughts are about being a loving and caring woman, mother, and wife and how she is better than fancy jewels. The short prayer states, “Father God, thanks for my mommy. Help her to be the best mom she can be. Thanks for loving her.” The action theme discusses red rubies being the same color as hearts and valentines and to make a red heart for the princess’s mother, telling her she is better than jewels and thanking her for all she does. Although some of the concepts may be deep, conceptual, or confusing for a young preschool girl, this is one way to promote getting used to reading a daily devotion about God; it teaches about the King in a nice, innocuous way that princesses can enjoy. This book was furnished by Tyndale Publishers, Inc. in lieu of an unbiased review.

Each day of the year has a special theme where the bible verse, called "Royal Words" is relevant to the initial theme of the day. Following the bible verse is "Princess Thoughts," a brief and easy to understand lesson based on the scripture for the day. "A Prayer for the King" follows, and these prayers are brief, simple and clear. "Princess in Action" is an application where the child can actively participate in a fun activity to apply what she has learned in her daily devotion. These activities are creative and give a little princess extra quality time with her parent(s). My Princess Devotions is a beautifully illustrated, easily understood application for preschool and kindergarten girls. The appearance is "all girl" with princesses depicted on the cover and throughout the book, the use of pinks and purples which are generally a little girl's favorite colors, and what little girl doesn't imagine herself to be a princess? While some may look at the "princess" theme as a negative connotation, the use of this theme is more importantly a means to show the child that she is special, not only in our eyes, but in God's eyes. Every little girl is a daughter of the King, a princess! This sweet book is an excellent tool for parents to use in helping their little girls understand who God is, what he has done for us, and the way that he teaches us to live for him. Using this book with our little girls is a beautiful way to spend time together in both a spiritual way and having fun together. My little granddaughter will love this book! Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are y own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.