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First-century Rome is a perilous city as Nero stalks the political circles and huddled groups of believers. To be safe, Christians must remain invisible.

Gallus Sergius Vitas is the only man within Nero’s trusted circle willing to do what it takes to keep the empire together. He struggles to lessen Nero’s monstrosities against the people of Rome—especially the Christians. But as three Greek letters are scrawled as graffiti throughout the city, Nero’s anger grows.

As the early church begins to experience the turbulence Christ prophesied as the beginning of the last days, an enemy seeks to find John’s letter, Revelation, and destroy it. Meanwhile the early Christians must decipher it and cling to the hope it provides as they face the greatest of all persecutions.

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What an engaging story. This book begins progresses and ends with excitement and intrigue. The characters are believable and interesting. The world is real - vicious Romans, sword fights, corrupt governments, and a brutal effort to eradicate a religious sect known as Christianity. I enjoyed reading a Christian historical fiction novel written well. When will this series be finished?