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What’s more important—justice or discipleship? The answer is both . . . and the time to engage is now.
In The Just Church, Jim Martin invites you to follow the God of justice into some of the most fertile ground for discipleship there is—and to revive your own soul through renewed faith and a deeper experience of God.

Martin and International Justice Mission are on the front lines of the battle for justice in the world’s darkest and most dangerous places. They’ve become experts not only at bringing rescue to victims of violence, sex trafficking, slavery, and oppression, but also at bringing churches into the fight through concrete actions that actually make a difference. Martin has seen firsthand the amazing things that happen—both in them and through them—when churches join the fight for justice.

The Just Church shares tangible, accessible strategies to help your church respond to God’s call to seek justice, defend the widow and orphan, and rescue the oppressed in far-off places and right in your own community. Whether you’re already committed to doing justice in God’s name and want to mobilize others around you or you’re newly awakening to God’s call, The Just Church is the key resource you need to see real change take place in the world, in your church . . . and in yourself.

“Learn to do good; seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.” (Isaiah 1:17)

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The American church doesn’t primarily suffer from heresy or persecution but from inaction. Jim Martin’s book is more than a call for Christians to practice Christianity; it’s also a road map guiding us from apathy to action.
Jim Martin understands that following Jesus requires us to move past mere good intentions and into the rewarding adventure of seeking justice and rescue for our neighbors in desperate need. The Just Church not only provides a convincing call to action, but it offers church communities the desperately needed handles to take next steps with clarity and conviction. This is a must-have resource for any who have concern for the oppressed but have felt powerless to act.
Justice is about discipleship, and what the world needs most is healthy people following Jesus. Jim Martin loves the local church, and The Just Church is all about equipping and empowering the church to follow where Jesus leads!
If there is an organization with the authority to speak on the church’s pursuit of justice, it is International Justice Mission. If there is a leader with the authority to speak as one who has been there, who has tested it in the local church and seen amazing advances, it is Jim Martin. I wholeheartedly recommend this book!
Jim Martin’s profound book suggests that justice is not only about mission, but also about our own discipleship. Along the way there are many stories of both success and failure, all of which become valuable teaching points. The work of IJM around the world is brilliantly inspiring, and so is this book. The Just Church captures the heartbeat of a commitment to Christ and to his justice movement.
This is a deeply engaging, exciting, and important book. Martin’s message is simple: faith that seeks justice bears spiritual fruit like joy and deeper faith; but it also can bring about real, vital, powerful, meaningful changes in the world. This is not about some easy profession of faith. It is about a whole church learning to live out what it claims to believe. That means that this book is both clarifying and terrifying in all the right ways.

Martin has a gift for telling simple stories that will change the way you think about everything. On the surface, much of the book is about IJM’s life-changing work around the world, and that makes a good story. But Martin tells about that work in a way that illustrates what it means to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

Many churches are unprepared for the long, slow work of justice. If you recognize your church in that last sentence, this book is the beginning of your training regimen and a guidebook for what to do next. Your church needs this book.
If ever there was a time for a deeply thoughtful, energized, and embodied approach for congregations to obey God’s call for justice, it is now. And if ever that approach were offered to us with clarity, conviction, and hope, The Just Church is that offering. In this superb exploration of the indivisible connection between the pursuit of justice and discipleship, Jim Martin deftly weaves story, wisdom, and application, inviting any who read it into God’s heart and God’s world—a world that we in the Western church have ignored for far too long, but can do so no longer. Any local congregation that takes Martin’s work seriously will find itself forever changed. I can only say: be that congregation.
Martin skillfully combines story and Scripture to stir up our hunger for a world in which God’s justice becomes reality. Then he provides a step-by-step manual for satisfying that hunger. Challenging, inspiring, and practical . . . The Just Church will benefit all whose hearts cry out for God’s Kingdom to be made manifest on earth as it is in heaven.
Risk-taking, trouble-seeking, and failure-embracing, Jim Martin casts a bold vision for a justice-seeking church. This compelling pursuit of justice, he reveals, is not simply an outward expression for the church, but a magnetic pole capturing the attention of faith seekers and forging courageous Christians. The Just Church is no mere book; it’s a compass that points us toward God’s heart.
The Just Church offers insights into a central topic for the next evangelicalism. By connecting discipleship with justice, Jim Martin reveals the high calling for the church to embody God’s justice for the most vulnerable in the world. Clear and workable insights and strategies highlight a book that will become a standard text for pastors and lay leaders.
Are you ready for a new way to seek justice – an ancient way to know God?
Finally, a practical guide on how to do justice and grow in discipleship —from those on the frontlines of the battle in the world’s darkest and most dangerous places. Jim Martin and International Justice Mission are experts not only at bringing rescue to victims of violence, sex trafficking, slavery, and oppression, but also, at bringing churches into the fight, through concrete steps that actually make a difference. Learn how to carry out one of the Bible’s core commands—to seek justice—in a way that amounts to more than mere words and good intentions. In the process, you’ll discover one of the most powerful tools to grow faith and deepen discipleship. In The Just Church, Martin shares tangible, accessible strategies to respond to God’s call to seek justice, defend the widow and orphan, and rescue the oppressed . . . whether in far-off places or right in your own community