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Product Description

What greater gift can you give your children than one that lasts for eternity?
Passing on a heritage of faith to children is an incredible privilege God gives to parents. And now there’s a tool to help make it easy! Inside the Parents’ Guide to the Spiritual Growth of Children, you’ll find dozens of simple, practical ways to not only tell you children what you believe, but to show them how to make faith in God part of everyday life.
This comprehensive guide includes helpful reference sections, such as
  • The Greatest Gift You Can Give: how to get started, building your confidence, understanding your unique role in the spiritual development of your family
  • Your Children’s Ages and Stages: developing your children’s Christian values from birth to adolescence; leading your children to personal, loving relationships with God; using fun, faith-filled activities for each stage of your children’s development
  • Designing a Plan for Your Family: creating a customized spiritual growth plan for your family based on shared interests and personality types, carving out special teaching times the whole family will enjoy, bringing the Bible into everyday life
  • Practical Questions and Resources: answers to questions parents ask most, additional resources, memory verses, and more
Encouraging, empowering, and enlightening, Parents’ Guide to the Spiritual Growth of Children takes every Christian parent’s desire to pass their faith along to their children—and helps put that desire into action.

Product Details

Trim Size:
7.5 x 9.125 in.
This lead product from Focus on the Family provides parents with a resource to help their children develop a personal faith. The book provides an overview of children's spiritual capacity and understanding at different age levels. It also includes practical advice to help parents be the spiritual “trainers” of their children through engaging activities, exercises, and projects that can be completed individually or as a family.

  • Overview of children's spiritual capacity and understanding at different ages
  • Offers rationale for teaching specific spiritual principles and disciplines
  • Equips parents to train children by providing engaging activities, exercises, and projects to complete individually or as a family
  • Great tool for parents and educators of children ages 0-12
  • Shows parents how to make a spiritual training plan