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Do you ever berate yourself over minor happenings? Do you feel unworthy and wonder why God would love you? Do you struggle to overcome memories of verbal, emotional, or physical abuse? If so, you may be suffering from unhealthy shame—which, if not corrected, can produce bitterness and negativity in your life. From the author of the acclaimed book Listening for God comes the life-transforming book Shame Lifter, based on author Marilyn Hontz's personal story of releasing her own shame and embarking instead on a life of freedom, forgiveness, and truth.

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Dear Marilyn, I am writing to thank you for your willingness to write Shame Lifter. I was so thankful for your ability to be so transparent. I have struggled with much of the shame-based talk you describe in the book. God has used this book, and it has changed the way I relate to my family, coworkers, and even myself. . . .

I was so amazed in reading the shame book, realizing this is exactly what I’ve struggled with for so long! I never really had a name for it before now, and I can’t believe how closely I related to the internalizing of shame—how it becomes not about things you do that you feel bad about, but it’s about you feeling bad about being you! WOW! I really can’t even express adequately how God has used this book for me. I think about it all the time now, and it has really helped to begin to peel back some of the incredibly negative self-talk that I never really questioned before that’s always going on in my mind! It is huge!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Finished reading Shame Lifter. Your honesty and insight make this an incredible book. Picked up yet another copy of your book because I keep thinking of people to send it to. I know it is going to aid in the healing of so many. You broke the cycle. I want those dear to me to break the cycle too! I’m so glad I know you. I’m so happy your daughter’s ex-fiancée got out of Jesus jail! I’m so glad God is using you in such an amazing way.

Thank you for writing Shame Lifter. I know it’s going to be such a great resource and help to many. I’m processing as I read. . . . I know I deal with feelings of inadequacy, which I believe are rooted in a couple of grade school teachers who intimidated me, plus the fact that my parents are not affirming people. I have used the word shame in the context of my view of sex. I was never abused, but a spirit of shame was passed on to me by my mom and grandparents in relation to premarital sex, and pregnancy by my great-grandparents, grandparents, and my mom’s sister. God has been faithful to renew my mind in understanding his intended gift of sex and learning to view it as he made it to be.

Marilyn, just a quick hello and to let you know I am in the process of reading your book. It is a page-turner, and I am really blessed as I read it. Being the daughter of an alcoholic, I can relate in so many places right along with you. I wept reading about your precious mother and how much she meant to you. No doubt, you have your mom’s sweet spirit and godliness. I believe this book will touch countless lives for Jesus, and I feel His blessing on it as I read it. Thank you for being willing to expose your pain so that others, too, can be healed.

Dear Marilyn, I just finished reading Shame Lifter. I heard you on the radio and went right out and got your book. Your story is so much like my own. . . . I want to be set free from shame. I have come so far but still have a way to go. Thank you for your book and the help it has given me. . . . You have made a difference in my life.”

Dear Marilyn, Shame Lifter encouraged me to do what the Lord has been showing me: to hold on and believe in a marvelous, loving God and that I can do all things through and in Christ Jesus. And to know that though I am still not perfect He has always been with me, even when I felt abandoned. I am encouraged to be a shame lifter and imitate Jesus, the ultimate shame lifter. Thanks again!

Dear Marilyn, . . . I began reading “Father’s Love Letter” in Shame Lifter, and the tears began to fall. . . . I suddenly realized, “Oh my goodness, this is me!”

I want to thank you again for the copy of Shame Lifter. At first I didn’t think this book had much personal application to me, since I didn’t feel I suffered the kind of pain earlier in life that you did. My dad and I certainly weren’t close, but the problems weren’t as deep as yours. But more recently I’ve begun to see that messages of “shame” and “worthlessness” can hit deep from events much later in life. . . . Rejection sends a big message of shame and worthlessness, and at this point I’m not getting anywhere overcoming it. Gonna read the book again!

Dear Marilyn, Thanks you so very much for your beautiful book, Shame Lifter. I could not put it down. You were incredibly brave to share your life with the world. I have been reading your book and have cried through most of it. It hurts my heart to know how you were mistreated as a teen and young adult. You are such a very special woman, so I can see how God has used it for good. Your book has also made me think a lot about my past, and even though I feel that God has healed most of the hurts, I want to be sure that I see myself as God does and not as my family (especially my mom) made me believe that I was. Your book has also reminded me to be very careful that I don’t cast shame on anyone else. I still have about a fourth of the book to read, and I am still digesting what I have read, but I know that God is going to use it in mighty ways, not just in my life, but in all those who read it. Even more than that, it is obvious that Christ is the center of your life, and that comes through in the book.

I’ve listened to both days of Marilyn’s interview on Focus. It was so powerful, as her book was. Of course, I had my own memories as I listened and am so thankful for what God has done in my own life. I could not have listened to this interview many years ago. In a world filled with people who think a person can’t be healed from the pain of the past, it was a great reminder that yes, God does heal even the pain from abuse—if we truly want Him to and will take the time to let Him. I pray this makes a huge difference for women!

Dear Marilyn, I heard you on the radio, and when I heard the word shame, it made me stop and listen intently because I feel that is what I went through when I was a child. . . . I wanted you to know what a blessing your book was to me, and I am now sharing your book with a friend. I am thankful that I no longer have to be a shame receiver.

I started reading Shame Lifter today, and wow! I am slowly learning (my friend Margie says there are only Slow Learners and Non-Learners) about how God can use the pain and hurt in our lives. He is definitely using yours to help many, many people!

I am doing your book, Shame Lifter, with a gal from church—one on one—every Thursday morning. I had read your book as soon as I got it, but studying the book is a whole new thing. You are so gifted, Marilyn. And so courageous to share yourself so transparently and honestly. Thank you for writing this book. I think it will make a real difference in Steph’s life, and when I mentor younger women, it makes such a difference in MY life.

I wanted to thank you for the book Shame Lifter. I love it and feel it is one of those life-changing books for me. I wish we could do that one for our book study. I wasn’t abused as a child, but the shame receiver profile fit me so accurately. I am still reading it. I’m going to have my sisters read it too. Thank you so much.

Marilyn, I know you’ve touched a real sore spot in many women’s lives. I have a friend whose husband is in jail for being sexually inappropriate with their daughter. I gave the book to her, and she asked for another one for her older daughter. Wow. I have just finished it and felt it was so good! I’m sure it was difficult at times to be so vulnerable but know it’s so important to share the story! I know the Lord is going to use this in many lives. I have thought of maybe using it for my Bible study group because I think it is applicable in many areas of our lives . . . how we view ourselves, etc. Anyhow, I want to commend you for doing it. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your story in your new book, Shame Lifter. The Lord has used some of your illustrations to underline for me the truth of God’s presence with me in every situation. I also loved the ideas of the “off button,” the “Jesus Jail,” and reforgiveness. All of them convey some great ways to deal with our inner hurts. Thank you for your vulnerability and the fact that writing each word and sharing so openly must have been both painful and healing at the same time. Of course, I could relate much to many parts of it, and as I read, realized how many people endure these pains in their families. . . . secrets of the deepest kind. Your book is written in such a way that one can walk right into your story, your life and feel that pain. That is a gift. You are an amazing woman.