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Is your life not turning out as you had hoped? Has God disappointed you? The trials of life test us to see if we will trust in the promises of God. On the surface, the book of Ruth would appear to be about love and friendship, and that certainly is a theme. However, more profoundly it is the story of people of Israel and the need for a Redeemer. In the same way, God desires to redeem your past and restore your future, so that you may find fulfillment in His gracious love!

In these six sessions of Redeemed: Seeing Christ in the Book of Ruth DVD, you’ll learn:
  • The historical background to the book of Ruth.
  • What marriage, widowhood, and redemption meant in Bible times.
  • How Ruth, a destitute foreigner, becomes an ancestor of Jesus Christ.
  • How Naomi moves from bitterness to blessedness.
  • How Boaz as a kinsmen-redeemer points to our ultimate redeemer—Jesus Christ.
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