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What happens when God picks a fight?
As a respected Bible teacher, Kasey Van Norman dedicated her life to sharing God’s Word and encouraging women to place their trust in God during times of personal crisis. Then, just as her ministry was poised to explode, Kasey was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that turned her life upside down, shattered her spirit, and rocked her faith to its core. Sick, frightened, and in pain, Kasey suddenly found herself facing the greatest challenge of her life—believing her own message.

In Raw Faith, Kasey chronicles her courageous battle with cancer, taking readers on a candid and poignant journey of faith and discovery—from the depths of despair, through spiritual rediscovery, and ultimately to triumphant victory.

Drawing on a wide variety of Bible stories and characters, Kasey distills truths that have existed since time began: while change and uncertainty are inevitable, God is always unchanging; he is always faithful; and he is always fighting for us, even when our circumstances tempt us to think otherwise.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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