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A friend marries, moves away, loses her husband, or becomes ill herself. You want to reach out in some way, to express the love and compassion in your heart. You know that praying an encouraging prayer over her will make her feel cared for, cherished, and comforted. Still, you are at a loss where to even begin. In another instance, you are sitting with family members at the dinner table, and you have been asked to pray before the meal begins. Since these gatherings with loved ones are few and far between, you want it to be memorable, and for your words to be chosen well. But spontaneous prayer does not come easily to you.

In Prayers for Every Occasion you will find more than 175 meaningful and heartfelt prayers for a host of occasions and life situations, original thoughts as well as biblical and historical selections. Let it be a guide for praying the perfect prayer wherever and whenever you or someone in your life needs reassurance that God is indeed present.

Product Details

March 6, 2018
Trim Size:
4.5 x 6 in.

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