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It's not fair to say that trouble happens every time PJ Sugar is around, but it feels that way when she returns to her home town, looking for a fresh start. Within a week, her former teacher is murdered and her best friend's husband is arrested as the number-one suspect. Although the police detective investigating the murder—who also happens to be PJ's former flame—is convinced it's an open-and-shut case, PJ's not so sure. She begins digging for clues in an effort to clear her friend’s husband and ends up reigniting old passions, uncovering an international conspiracy, and solving a murder along the way. She also discovers that maybe God can use a woman who never seems to get it right.

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Oh my goodness, this was an adorable book! I instantly fell in love with the characters, especially PJ Sugar and Boone. I could relate with all the characters but I felt a connection strongly with PJ. When I can feel a connection with a character, it is sure to be a wonderful book in my opinion, and NBT did not disappoint! Susan May Warren's talent is that of humor mixed with God and mystery. I love it! The creation of PJ Sugar novel number 1, Nothing But Trouble, is amazing. Warren brings real-to-life situations into a humorous story of a hometown girl that has a bad knack for getting into trouble. Her characters are beautifully woven together in a fantastically mysterious plot and become your friends for life and feel so real like you could reach out and hug them or shake their hands. When PJ had to return to the town that knows her for nothing but trouble, I knew the fun was about to begin and read and read read, til I got to the end of the book,about 2 and half hours later! I felt like I was truly PJ, aka NBT (Nothing But Trouble) and was the sassy, protagonist whose life was a chaotic one while trying to take care of a 4 yr old nephew and figure out what the heck is going on in this town! Whew! I can't wait to dive into PJ's continuing story in book 2, Double Trouble! If you are looking for a fast, easy read with God, love and humor then I highly recommend you grab a copy of this really cool 5 star worthy book from Susan May Warren! Great job!