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When Officer Carly Edwards finds three young gangbangers shot execution style, she and her husband, Sergeant Nick Anderson, head of the gang unit, fear Las Playas may be on the verge of a gang war. The Las Playas PD is put on high alert as tensions escalate between rival gangs, especially after Carly confiscates weapons from a gang leader and learns they were stolen from a military base along with explosive devices.

But something isn’t adding up, and Carly suspects there might be more going on. As she prepares to testify at a major trial, Carly’s reputation is shredded by a reporter apparently trying to discredit her professionally. Facing pressure on all fronts, Carly must rely on faith and trust God in a deeper way during one of the biggest struggles of her career.

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“Look what we have so far. Three kids shot made to look like a gang shooting and start a war. Gang leader gives guns to keep war going,” Carly tells Nick in Janice Cantore’s third book of the Pacific Coast Justice Series, "Avenged." This three hundred and ninety page paperback book has a photograph of a female police officer with a police gang supervisor standing next to her on the front cover. The book is targeted toward anyone who likes police, crime and suspense fiction with a Christian and romantic tone. At the end of the book, there is a page about the author, ten discussion questions for groups or book clubs and the first chapter of the author’s next book. This reader wishes all pronouns regarding God were capitalized for reverence. Carly Edwards has been on the Las Playas Police Department in California for eleven years and has remarried her husband, Nick, who is works in the same force but as a gang supervisor. When three Nineth Street Ninjas are shot execution style, it is presumed the rival gang, Pine Avenue Playboyz, is responsible. While taking down Trey, the leader of the Ninjas, a trunk load of weapons are found in his stolen car, leading the police to wonder if this is more than a turf war. When Dean Barton gets out of jail and confronts his brother Neil at his coffee shop, Carly encounters the ex-con, who possibly has connections to the guns. Since Carly is already involved in a court case involving a murder, Dean’s complaint to the department about her actions furthers her hate toward the man. Now that Carly and Nick are Christians, they try to remember that God is in control as Carly tries to deal with her hatred toward Dean and growing resentment toward Ginny Masters, a cut-throat reporter who writes vehement blogs about Carly and the force. One of the gang members shot is in the hospital while his young ten year old brother Victor wants revenge. Former gang member Loundy, teenager Mary Ellen and reporter Alex Trejo from the prior book in the series help Carly solve who is really behind the guns when it is determined they were stolen from a military base along with explosives. With this being the third book in the series, it can stand alone but there are almost twenty characters to follow and remember, making it more confusing and disjointed. Not having read the prior books, this reader found too much information in the writing style with too many people to track to tie the story together well at the end. This book was provided by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. for review purposes.