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Product Description

NLT Art of Life Holy Bible from 2K/Denmark is an innovative idea that makes the Bible accessible and fits the New Living Translation well. It effectively combines the characteristics of an easy-to-read Bible with the visual nature of a wide-margin Bible, and it offers journaling and artistic expression opportunities for readers.

NLT Art of Life Holy Bible features 450 original hand-drawn illustrations in a unique style that encourages contemplation and visual interaction with the Word. The illustrations relate the Word of God directly to the world of God drawing visual relevance of the Bible to our world. The illustrations cover three categories:
  • Many flowers, plants and trees in the Bible
  • Many animals in the Bible
  • Artistic “portraits” of 150 of the most important people in the Bible
Each illustration is accompanied by a brief caption connecting the illustration to the Bible. The pacing of the illustrations and variations (from full-page to column-wide to margin-size) will offer visual relief and interest, resulting in a Bible that users will want to leave open much like a coffee-table book. This delightful new edition to the NLT lineup will appeal to a segment of the market that is looking for something fresh in their Bible-reading experience.

Product Details

Hardcover, Teal
Text Size:
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Trim Size:
9.375 x 8.625 in.

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