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Product Description

Matt Mikalatos likes Jesus a lot. In fact, he can’t believe how much they have in common. They share the same likes, dislikes, beliefs, and opinions. (Though Jesus does have better hair.) So imagine Matt’s astonishment when he finds out that the guy he knows as Jesus . . . isn’t. He’s an imaginary Jesus: a comfortable, convenient imitation Matt has created in his own image. The real Jesus is still out there somewhere, and Matt is determined to find him—so he can ask the one question his imaginary Jesus has never been able to answer.

A fast-paced, sort-of-true story, My Imaginary Jesus is a wild spiritual adventure like nothing you’ve ever read before . . . and may bring you face-to-face with an imposter in your own life.

Product Details

Trim Size:
5.5 x 8.25 in.