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This is the companion participant guide for the Live Again: Wholeness after Divorce 8-Session DVD series. With additional discussion questions, inspiring quotes, and life-giving scripture verses, this participant guide will help women find the peace, wholeness, and healing they are searching for as they journey through this divorce recovery program. This guide covers all 8 sessions of Live Again, the only Christian divorce recovery program just for women.

The 8-session Christian divorce recovery series by Michelle Borquez shows women how to trade their broken dreams, loneliness, and shame for restored hope in Christ. Discover how to deal with the pain and shock; how to forgive; how to handle the loneliness; how to know your true worth in Christ; how to respect yourself and set healthy boundaries in all situations; how to avoid making dating mistakes; and how to move beyond the shame and guilt.

Find Hope and Healing after a Divorce
When a tragic divorce destroys a family, many women find their hopes and dreams shattered. For many, this is the greatest loss they have ever faced. It devastates them, and they desperately need emotional and spiritual help. They struggle with loneliness and shame. Many of them need to face the pain and begin to forgive themselves and others in order to move forward in life.

A recent study showed that Christian faith made a big difference in divorcees’ ability to put their life back together and successfully live with hope and purpose. In fact, Christians recovered nearly 3 times better than people having “no religion.” They were able to live again because of their faith and trust in the Lord!

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