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Rayford Steele and Cameron “Buck” Williams find themselves pressed into service for the man they believe could be the Antichrist. Nicolae Carpathia takes over the United Nations, signs a peace treaty with Israel, and begins to lure the nations of earth together to form one global village. As believers band together following the Rapture, their peaceful world is destroyed again when global war erupts. A repackage of the New York Times best-selling second book in the Left Behind series.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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This second book in the "Left Behind" series is an awesome read! I read this entire series while I was on a 6 week bed rest. I was stuck at home, nothing to do, nowhere to go and feeling a bit sorry for myself. These books, beginning with this one, made me so excited for Jesus' return and made me want to dig deeper into my bible. The plot is good, the good characters are likeable, the evil characters hate-able (and sometimes pretty laughable), and it stays as true to God's word as possible... if you're a pre-millenial rapture kinda believer. Even if you don't know where you stand on that issue, this book is still a must read. It's not only good entertainment but is also very thought-provoking whether you believe this it the way it will all happen in the end or not. This book is similar to the movie (if you've seen in and I highly recommend it, too). But, like with all movies, the book is ALWAYS better. This book takes place after the Rapture (which happened in the 1st book) and goes through the beginning of The Great 7-year Tribulation. It'll make you hungry to read your bible and I know at least a couple people who gave their lives to Jesus because of reading it.

Another great book in the left behind series. This is excellently written and really make you think about what is to come.