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Menashe Har-El's book Landscape, Nature, and Man in the Bible explains and discusses the roles that landscape and nature play in the Bible while also observing how it portrays the relationship between man and nature. This biblical reference work weighs the influence man and nature had on the other: the demands the land placed on its inhabitants while man shaped the land to his needs.

Chapters include:

  • Water Resources and Installations!
  • Geographical Orientation, Climate, Settlement and Agriculture!
  • Natural Vegetation, Trees and Their Uses!
  • Landscapes, Settlements and Fortresses!
  • Wild Animals, Livestock and Herdsmen in the Wilderness!
  • Seas and Ports!
  • Highways, Trading and Military Caravans!
  • Jerusalem and the Pilgrimage!
  • And more!

Har-El weaves biblical verses into his discussion of each topic, bringing his extensive knowledge of the Land of Israel to elucidate their meanings.

Now available to readers of English, Landscape, Nature, and Man in the Bible is a delight to read and is accompanied by many photographs, maps, illustrations, pieces of art, and historical artifacts that bring the text to life.

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