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A Highly Visual Bible Study Packed with Charts and Illustrations

How can you apply Jesus’ crucifixion to your life in practical ways? How can you and those you lead see the deeply spiritual practices in Jesus’ journey to the cross? The Journey to the Resurrection answers these very questions!

Jesus didn’t just come to earth to die on the cross. He came to show us how to live an abundant life, a life focused on God in every season—even in times of weakness, brokenness, and betrayal. As you journey through Jesus’ final days, you’ll see spiritual practices that sustained him, including fasting, repentance, and confession. These practices were regularly apart of Jesus’ life not as rules or regulations, but as lifelines to God’s heart. See how to cultivate these 6 spiritual practices in your own life with Rose’s Journey to the Resurrection 6-Session Visual Bible Study.

In this 6-session study, you’ll cover:
  1. Dust and Ashes: Confession and Repentance
  2. Desert Time: Fasting
  3. Broken and Poured Out: Generosity
  4. Strength in Weakness: Service
  5. Victorious Failure: Contemplation
  6. Hope: Celebration

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