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RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Missions REL012040 RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational Following Sioux Center Sudan comes another historical account of Arlene Schuiteman’s missionary work. Iowa Ethiopia brings us to one of the world’s ancient cultures and the revolution that changed one woman’s spiritual journey . . . and nearly cost her everything.

Now in her nineties, retired nurse and missionary Arlene Schuiteman is quiet, seemingly timid. She does not desire attention or fame. However, she has years of stories to tell about rambling across the fields of her Iowa family farm, settling on a Sudanese riverbank, climbing through the rugged hollers of Kentucky, and being swept away to the western mountains of Ethiopia. Iowa Ethiopia looks back at Arlene’s work as a missionary nurse in Ethiopia between 1966 and 1977, where she trained young men in the practice of modern medicine. Like in Sioux Center Sudan, this woman’s inspiring stories have the power to transfix, pierce, and heal. Captivating and honest, they declare the power of God to us today in our ongoing efforts to be strong witnesses to Christ’s kingdom. The stories in this book have been collected from her journals and letters, and retold by award-winning dramatist Jeff Barker.

Includes sixteen pages of color photos.

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