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The In His Image Devotional Bible will help you know God more deeply as you discover His attributes and character throughout Scripture. You will become more like Christ as you practice directed, prayerful reading of God’s Word. Experience greater peace facing life’s challenges as you learn to see God fully.

The New Living Translation is an authoritative Bible translation, rendered faithfully into today’s English from the ancient texts by 90 leading Bible scholars. The NLT’s scholarship and clarity breathe life into even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages—but even more powerful are stories of how people’s lives are changing as the words speak directly to their hearts. That’s why we call it “The Truth Made Clear.”

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I am halfway there and already I feel that God is opening my eyes.

When I started reading this Bible, it actually helps me understand spiritually what is happening in the Bible. God has provides us this Bible to live daily as the light of the world and I am happy to do that.

As a long time collector of Bible's I was excited to see what might be different with "In His Image"devotional Bible. Well I have been using this Bible for about three weeks and I really love it! First of all the cover is so soothing, which caught my eye, but it's the weight of this Bible along with the easy on the eye font size that makes this one my go to reading Bible in the evening. Here are some of the features that I find myself using in this Bible. Prayerful reading these are devotionals offer guided reflection on the attributes of God as revealed in Scripture. This is different than most devotionals because instead of giving you ideas to think about they instead help you quieten your heart to hear what God is saying to you. Response to God articles. There are fifty-seven articles that allow us to look at God's attributes and then allows us to reflect on how we should live in response to what we learn. Gods names and titles is a feature sprinkled throughout the Bible that shares God's many names and their meanings. There is also a prayerful reading index, a response to God artilce index and a God's name index which helps the reader use the main features of this Bible. This is a very easy to use Bible and because it is in the NLT translation it's also very easy to understand. Overall a great study Bible that would make a wonderful gift whether your just beginning your spiritual walk or wanting to strengthen your faith.

The In His Image Devotional Bible is an excellent devotional tool. I appreciate the selected devotions and in-text notes on God's attributes. I found the Bible easy-to-understand and readable. I recommend this translation to anyone.

In his image is a book i plan to read very soon, after reading the many reviews for this bible, i look forward to the integrated devotionals. i have never read a NLV bible before however i have heard alot of favor towards them.

This review first appeared on my blog, Jacob's Cafe As I have mentioned a couple of times on this blog, I have come to really appreciate approaching the Bible devotionally. One of the ways such an approach can be bolstered is with a devotional Bible (surprise! :) ). I recently received a copy of the In His Image Devotional Bible. The purpose of this Bible is to notice and meditate on the various characteristics of God throughout the Bible. This Bible has five primary features to aid a meditation on the imago Dei: Prayerful Readings based on Lectio Divina; Response to God Articles, essentially short devotional essays; God's Names and Titles, providing a quick time-out to focus on an attribute of God; Book Introductions; and Character of God Articles, fifteen longer essays about God. Such elements can be found in plenty of devotionals, but I like how they are appropriately dispersed throughout the Bible. This allows for easy Bible reading with interspersed pauses to slow down and meditate on God's character. The earlier Mosaic Bible that introduced me to the NLT aids devotion by organizing Bible readings by liturgical year. While one could read through the Bible book-by-book and refer back to the devotional element, it is difficult to do in that version. The IHI Bible makes such reading seamless and more meaningful. So both can be useful, depending on the intention of the reader. One of the things that particularly stood out to me was in the "user's guide" to IHI. On page A17, the editors explained that the Prayerful Readings (but I would say all the devotions) "may be different from other devotional you have read. Their primary purpose is not to give you ideas to think about. They, instead, provide a context for his Word and by the power of his Spirit." As I have mentioned before, we often approach the Bible as a place to get information. It definitely has good information, but that's not what it's intent originally was in most (if any) cases. The biblical texts were meant to help us create a context to understand and engage in a lifelong conversation with God. This Bible definitely does that. Note: I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook in exchange for a review (with no obligation for a positive review).

First things first, I love the NLT. It’s my favorite translation of the bible. They say its written to be read aloud and I’ve found that it works really well in class (I’m the Teen Ministry Director at my church). The sentences are a bit shorter and the grammar is easy to understand. Perfect for working with teens and kids. This is a devotional bible and there are, indeed, devotions built right in. However, they are very short. I expected them to be longer or more in depth. The devotions read like Cliff’s Notes of Our Daily Bread. It does give some nice prayer prompts at the end. At the end of the day I was a bit disappointed with it. The devotional content was supposed to be the featured aspect of this bible. If you’re looking for a bible with fewer notes than a study bible yet with some reading prompts, skip this version and grab the sweet Wayfinding Bible instead!

Starting with the cover, the first thing that I notice is a nice calming water, with a tree blossoming forth. Then in a light grey there are words across the middle that pretty much name it.The next thing that I notice is the size, this hardcover Bible is right about the same size as a regular trade paperback book and provides a familiar feeling to my hands. In His ImageĀ. What could be a more appropriate topic for devotion than that? On each right page there is a prayer and reflection that can provide even the shortest of devotions, but could also be extended to a longer period of meditation. On many left pages there is name of God that is highlighted and drawn out with a scripture verse. Every individual's relationship with Christ is different and often a different name is appropriate from different hearts. The Tyndale team did a great job with this Bible. The font is very attractive to the eye, with mostly black text and a soft blue for highlights (like the cover) it is calming and easy to find a reflective mood within. This an individual Bible. Although I'm sure you could tweak it to a group setting, this is a perfect Bible for private devotions and prayerful readings, prayerful reflections, and just starting points and enhancements on your own personal prayers. There are so many tools within the pages of this Bible that are so valuable. I am eager and glad to have it available for my own studies and highly recommend it.

Is. 26:3-4 is a great verse especially in the NLT 3 You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! 4 Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock. How great is it to know exactly where your peace comes from!!