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Christianity Today Book of the Year finalist!
The critically acclaimed book from Patricia Raybon is now in softcover. In her search for a more authentic prayer life, award-winning author, journalist, and educator Patricia Raybon set out to learn the secrets of prayer, searching for a connection with God that could transform her life and impact others. In I Told the Mountain to Move, Raybon reflects on her upbringing in a strict, churchgoing family, her departure from her childhood faith, and her struggle to return to God in adulthood. This wonderfully written book reaches across racial, denominational, and cultural lines, as Raybon discovers that prayer is a deliberate discipline that draws the prayer warrior into a life-changing relationship with God.

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I'm not one for flowery speech. I just read your book I Told the Mountain to Move. I learned so very much that after I return this copy to our church library, I'm going to order my own copy and reread and underline, along with underlining even more in my study Bible about prayer. I sincerely pray your daughter has returned to her faith in Jesus, and I know if she has not yet, she will! I could go on and on about things I learned by reading of your experience. What stands out is “it's not about me—my circumstances; it's about God and my relationship to him through Jesus” (we are hidden with Christ in God—Colossians). Get that part settled and straight; then I can REST in the outcome for all the other circumstances of life. Hallelujah! Thanks for a great book; I'll read others you've written.

Mrs. Raybon, I just finished I Told the Mountain to Move and wanted to tell you how deeply touched I have been by your honesty and by your message of hope. I know that reading your book was no accident for me! The lessons on prayer were so timely! Forgive me any error, as I am quoting from memory: “The thing about truth is that it's true.” “Everything I was looking for, Jesus had.” “Listen with your eyes.” “Love her, trust Me.” These are a few of the now underlined passages that meant so very much to me. Thank you, Mrs. Raybon. You opened your life, and mine has been profoundly touched. For this, I am most grateful!

Just a note to thank you for letting God use you in the writing of I Told the Mountain to Move. I learned of you and your writing through "God's Daily Promises," a daily computer devotion I subscribe to. I was blessed by your book—I identified with you so much, and I am closer to God as a result of reading it. Thank you. I have a friend who says that we are a "compilation of the people we have met and the books we have read." Thanks for adding to my "compilation"! May God continue to bless you.

Mrs. Raybon, Last June I was in San Antonio to visit a beloved friend for the last time. He was dying from cancer. I took a break from the house to get some relief. I went to a library in northwest San Antonio and picked up your book on prayer. I immediately loved it. Being in ministry for 30 years, I know that I don't know much about prayer yet, but I want to learn. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I got a copy from my library. I love the connection the book makes of real life with prayer. I have also spent many hours in the Old University waiting room. I too have a daughter who rebelled and made life hard for herself. Today, I called her while she was in a traffic jam and read a couple of pages to her as she drove. She laughed and rejoiced with me in your writing, a gift from God. I called her local library in Atlanta and reserved a copy for her at her library. She is heavily stressed financially, and we cannot afford to buy the book right now, but we are enjoying your work. I am only about â…“ of the way through I told the Mountain to Move. It is wonderful. Thank you. Thank You. Thank You.

Dear Ms. Raybon, I had to tell you how very thankful I am that you wrote this book. An acquaintance recommended it to me as I was describing my most recent struggle. I had no idea, though, that I would find it so incredibly relevant to me and my life. Your struggle, your sharing, has helped me very much, and I think it has begun to open a door to a new level in my walk with Christ. Thank you, sister, for that. I appreciate it more than I can say. You have given me more comfort, though you do not know me, than I have the words to express. Thank you for opening your heart and using your gifts to bless me in this way. Your touch on my life will echo through eternity now, and someday I will thank you in heaven for that. God bless you, sister.

I haven't even finished your book on prayer yet, but I knew from the time I read the review of your book in Christianity Today that I would end up writing to you. I am in my fifties also, and our precious youngest daughter has moved away from us in every sense of the word. She fell in love with a German communist 18 months ago, moved to Germany with him, and is exploring other religions—particularly Buddism. While she has a great job in Munich, they are now engaged, and it has been incredibly hard on us. When I read the article about you in CT, my first thought was "here's my sister." I went that day and got the bookstore to order your book. I picked it up today, and even though I was supposed to be making soup and cookies, I sat on my bed and started your book. I cried through so many parts (I have only finished the fifth chapter), especially because our marriage went through much of what you described at the start of your book. Seven years ago, God raised our 25-year-old dead marriage from the grave. But before that we were in much the same boat. Also, my husband had prostate cancer two year ago, and even though the surgery was successful, it profoundly impacted us. I know what you felt when you stood by the gurney with the doctors talking far, far away about the potential outcomes to the surgery. It just doesn't sink in easily. I am in the process of writing a book myself, and reading your book has been such an encouragement because I see how a personal book can so touch the heart. I am sure I will write you again after I finish it, but I just wanted to thank you for all the blood, sweat, and tears that went in to your book. Thank you for persevering. I am sure I am only one of many, many people who will be deeply impacted and drawn toward God through your transparent writing. Blessings to you

Patricia, I picked up your book on a hunch. It is not something I would normally read, but I'm so glad I listened to the still, small voice. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm 60 and white, but I grew up similar to the way you did as far as church is concerned, and I have an 85-year-old mom and two boys who don't always follow the path I hoped they would. They both have excellent wives, though, so I am relaxed about that. Our moms must have grown up in the same era; I could really relate to your experience with yours. Your story is so real, and it had me in tears several times where I could empathize with what you were going through. I have already called several friends and will be sharing with more. I can't say thanks enough. I had just learned an important lesson about my relationship with my mom, but I knew there was more. Your book was an answer to my prayer. Now all I need is the courage to do what God wants me to do.