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Humble Heart: A Book of Virtues is a collection of nine delightful stories from illustrator and author Amy Meyer Allen based on her popular Humble Bumbles characters. The Humble Bumbles were first introduced in Amy’s Humble Bumbles Baby Journal, one of the best-selling baby journals available, with nearly 300,000 copies sold. Through the stories of delightful characters Humble Honeybee, Percy Pig, Lydia Lamb, Barnabus Bunny, and their friends, children will learn virtues such as thoughtfulness, forgiveness, thankfulness, and humility. Amy’s unique and fresh art style features bold and bright illustrations that will amaze and engage young children. Each story ends with a memorable Scripture verse from the New Living Translation.

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8 x 8 in.

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great book

This was a great book that teaches a good lesson. My son and I enjoyed it..he loves bees.

I was wondering if a book like this existed, one that taught virtues through a Christian lens, using scripture for young children. Thankfully it does! My 4 year old daughter is in LOVE with this book, she wants to be read it every single day. It's much larger than I anticipated because each virtue taught is like its own chapter. I love that each chapter ends with a question to foster discussion as well as a bible verse to tie back in with Scripture. The illustrations are simple, colorful, and bright. I think that even reading this to the tiniest ones would be great because of the illustrations. The cover is the kind that is somewhat padded, very nice and durable. The pages inside are definitely for older readers, don't give this to your teething baby. I only mention this because I sort of thought this would be like a board book. Highly recommended!

I really like that each virtue has a child-friendly explanation and verse. The questions are good for comprehension and review. Overall I think this book is a great conversation started for preschoolers and young kids i.e. "Remember Babo bear and his story about love? How do you think you could have been more loving in _______ situation?"