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Product Description

2014 “Christian Retailing’s Best” award finalist!
God’s love is perfect, patient, and personal. God’s Word teaches kids that they are special to God and are loved with an everlasting love—and now they can express their faith in a unique way on these one-of-a-kind silicone Bible covers! The glipit Bible was designed for kids ages 8 to 12, giving them countless possibilities for creating their own designs and customizing their Bible covers. They can spell their name, make a design, form shapes, or just have fun popping the pieces on and off of their Bible covers! Each Bible comes with over 120 removable silicone pieces in 4 different colors—including glow in the dark—that pop right into place on the cover. The soft silicone cover is removable and washable, and the material gives the Bibles a nice grip for little hands to carry.

The New Living Translation text is an excellent translation for kids because it’s so easy to read and understand. There are 26 pages of extra material in the front of this Bible that will help kids know more about the Bible and God’s plan for their lives.

Product Details

Silicone, Purple
Text Size:
6.190Text Size Comparison Guide
Trim Size:
4 x 6 in.

I love the idea for the cover! I think you should market just the covers in a variety of colors and sizes so kids can fit them over their current bibles they enjoy reading! I'd buy a whole lot of them if it was just the covers! The print in the Bible is very small and I agree with the picture comment above....

I think this is a brilliant idea. I'm always trying to find things to keep their little hands and minds occupied and this seems perfect not to mention making a one of a kind creation. It's a hit!

Pros... This bible is bright, colorful, and small enough (about 4x6) to fit in a medium to large size pocketbook or book bag. This bible is customizable! It comes with little sectional pieces that fit over square "bumps" that can be used to spell your name, decorate the bible, or make a picture on the covers of the bible. The bible, I received is for girls because it is a purple (and frankly I just don't see a boy carrying this color!), but it is also available in blue for boys!. It comes with 30 pink, 30 purple, and 30 orange pieces that you can use to customize it. It comes with closeable side latches and the front and back covers are soft silicone. Cons... A detriment to this bible is that in an effort to keep it small and appropriate for pre-teens through teens to carry, the print is EXTREMELY small. This makes the bible hard to read. The bible also has NO ILLUSTRATIONS, NO MAPS, and NO HELPFUL GUIDES. People are very visual, so a bible that is 100% tiny words will not work well for youth ages 8-12. Unfortunately this will likely be a draw back for some parents. If the inside was as entertaining and engaging as the outside it would be an AWESOME bible for youth. I am giving this bible to my grand daughter, but since the print is so small she will probably play with it and not read it.

This is a very cute Bible! It's awesome how you can have your child customize it however they want! The silicone cover is also very soft and makes the Bible very "grippy."