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Product Description

“Boys will be boys!” From how they learn and talk to how they interact with others, it’s no secret that boys are wired differently than girls. This empowering 112-page book is a roadmap that will give you the strength and confidence to raise an extraordinary son using practical advice and tools.

In this easy-to-understand guide, you will discover how to
  • Understand basic scientifically researched differences between the way boys and girls think and behave
  • Guide a boy’s behavior based on the way God designed him
  • Understand and nurture your son’s emotions
  • Talk to your son about puberty and sex
Today boys and young men face unique challenges and pressures that can be troubling to parents. With the internet and advances in technology and media, the pressure on mothers and fathers to raise their sons in godly ways can feel like a huge burden. Enjoy having practical tools, biblical advice, and decades of time-tested research and experience on raising your son from at your fingertips! Take the first step to a deeper understanding of parenting with Dr. Gregory Jantz’s Five Keys to Raising Boys.

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