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Cultivating Pearls begins the process of discovering how to walk with God in an intimate way. It is not just a formula of “do this and do that and say this prayer and read this verse and, ta-da, you’re done.” It is learning how to communicate with our Father, to understand the fact that He is an inexhaustible fountain of water and life, and He desperately desires to feed our souls and purify us for His glory so we can reflect His love to our world.

Unique coloring pages and journaling prompts will create a safe and open place for you to meet God, then express and formulate your feelings in a creative concrete way. Through this process you will discover the rhythm of walking with God and knowing how to stay connected to Him as your Source of Life. You will be blessed, encouraged, and empowered to find wholeness, and will find new ways to use your unique God-given gifts to point others to Life!

Learn how to let God into every area of your life—spiritually, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and physically—so that He can cultivate you into the beautiful pearl you are meant to be.

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