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We talk about grace. But do we really know what grace is?
From the earliest age, many of us are taught about God’s grace in our churches and Sunday schools. We sing about it. We pray for it. We tell others about it. And we’re tempted to think that grace is the easy part of the Christian faith.

But in this book, Gayle Haggard points out eloquently that until our lives—and the lives of our loved ones—hang in the balance by the thread of God’s grace, we really don’t know how amazing grace is.

Grace challenges the core of our characters and uncovers what we truly believe about God, about ourselves, and about others. When we face situations that demand grace, we soon learn that offering it isn’t taking the easy way out.

Courageous Grace explores the extraordinary power and depth of grace. After reading this book, you’ll see the world and other people in an entirely different light. Your life will be transformed.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.
As a Bible teacher, Gayle had taught for decades about the amazing power of grace in a person’s life. Yet it took a crisis in her husband’s life and the crumbling of her own life around her for her to have an epiphany about the true nature of grace. In Courageous Grace, Gayle chronicles and explains her newfound insights.

Despite common misperceptions, grace is not safe. It’s not easy. Frankly, it takes courage to show grace to those who deserve less. Oftentimes, the person showing God’s grace gets counted among the sinners, just as Jesus experienced centuries ago. Gayle explores the story of Jesus forgiving the adulterous woman to reveal the courageous side of showing grace.

We live in a society that vacillates between glorifying sin and crucifying those who fall. Gayle encourages us to take the road less traveled—daring to do the hard work of showing God’s grace to the sinners among us. It’s what followers of Christ are called to do.