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What does it mean to live compassionately?
We live in a world where busyness reigns and the decisions on how to fill your time are endless. It’s enough to make your head spin. You might be asking, God, where does my faith fit in this crazy world? What difference can I or my church make for those who are hurting?

Quite simply, this booklet is a guide to help you understand what compassionate living is and what it means to be part of a compassionate community of Christ followers.

It is an opportunity to take the first steps on your When Compassion Meets Action journey. If you want to dig deeper, the When Compassion Meets Action DVD curriculum (9781496431615) is designed to help you choose a life filled with compassion—one decision at a time. You will discover what it means to live compassionately in a world so desperate for Christ’s love!

This booklet is included as part of the When Compassion Meets Action Church Kit (9781496431615).

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4 x 6 in.

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