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“Why are there mashed potatoes on the Mona Lisa?” —Connie

You are worth more than a world-famous painting. But sometimes life gets messy, and we can forget how special we are. Hurtful words from friends or “frenemies,” peer pressure, and clique drama can cover up the beautiful work of art God created us to be.

In volume 2 of Candid Conversations with Connie, you’ll join a picnic with the crew from Odyssey as they honestly discuss important questions that affect girls like you.
  • Who am I, really?
  • What do I do when I don’t fit in?
  • How do I handle a mean girl?
  • Why are boys so weird?
Through fun stories and activities, you’ll grow in your ability to make the best decisions about boys, spiritual matters, and friendships. Read this book by yourself, with your mom, or with a group of friends and enjoy growing up God’s way!

For help using this resource as a Bible study, slumber party event, or conversation tool for girls ages 8–12, visit Plus, don’t miss the feature “Candid Conversations with Connie” each month in the Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse magazine.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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