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Bedtime routines often include a story and prayer. Now parents and kids can combine both with a special Little Blessings compilation book. The padded hardcover book includes the following sweet stories:
  • Bedtime Blessings, which reminds kids that God created nighttime too and they have nothing to fear
  • Thank You, God, which reminds kids to be thankful for everything
  • Blessings Everywhere, which helps readers remember their blessings
  • God Loves You, which carries the most powerful message of all to comfort and guide little ones through the night and through their lives.
Each page is filled with full color art of the endearing multicultural Little Blessings characters with illustrations by Care Bear creator Elena Kucharik.

Product Details

Trim Size:
8 x 8 in.

Exclusive Preview

Bedtime is a special time for young preschool children, especially if it is a quiet time to be read to while looking at a picture story book about God. In Dandi Daley Mackall and Kathleen Long Bostom’s Little Blessings’ book, "Bedtime Stories and Prayers, Blessings for Bedtime," the goal of focusing on God and His love is achieved. In this hardbound, over-sized square book with one hundred and eleven glossy pages, illustrator Elena Kucharik does an excellent job providing colorful, descriptive drawings of children playing and praying on almost every page. As the well-known Care Bears artist, she paints fanciful illustrations that capture each story’s meaning easily. With no scary scenes or questionable situations, a parent can freely read with ease and comfort to preschool age or younger children while teaching them about God at the same time. Concentrating on the Creator and His everlasting love, the book is broken down into four stories, two by each author. Author Mackall has written over four hundred books for children and adults, selling over three million copies while Bostrom has sold one million of her over a dozen children’s books. This is only one of the almost twenty books in the Little Blessings series. In the first story, “Bedtime Blessings,” Mackall gently explains the process of getting ready for bedtime by the sun setting, cleaning up toys, having a snack, taking a bath, brushing teeth, saying prayers and being tucked into bed for a good night’s sleep. Bostrom shows in “Thank You, God!” how to thank God for all the things He has given us like the land, sea, flowers, trees, moon, sun, stars, fish, wales, birds, animals, and all the different kind of people He has created. “Blessings Everywhere” by Mackall concentrates on the eclectic and minute details that God has blessed us with such as ladybugs, hugs, caterpillars, forests, camping, bubble baths and the sky. In the final story, “God Loves You,” Bostrom discusses moods such as being silly, merry, mad, grumpy, and glad beside physical attributes such as size, shape, and color, completing the tome stating that God loves you no matter what. With the fun, detailed and expressive pictures with the rhyming stories, this is a nice, quiet and subdued book to read that reiterates God and His love for us that can be read over and over again. This book was furnished by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. for review purposes.